Major Requirements

Marymount Manhattan College offers 3 types of degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, & Bachelor of Science.  Please see below the major requirements in your selected area of study.

Major (link to requirements on website) Printable PDF
Acting (BFA) View PDF
Art - Graphic Design (BA) View PDF  
Art - Illustration & Animation (BA) View PDF
Art - Photography (BA) View PDF  

Art - Studio Art (BA)

View PDF

Art History (BA) View PDF
Behavioral Neuroscience (BS) View PDF
Biology (BA) View PDF
Biology (BS) View PDF
Biomedical Science (BS) View PDF

Business - Advertising & Promotion (BA)

View PDF

Business - Economics  (BA)

 View PDF

Business - Fashion Marketing (BA)

View PDF 

Business - Leadership (BA)

View PDF 

Business - Media & Arts Management (BA)

View PDF
Business - Social Entrepreneurship (BA) View PDF
Cinema, Television and Emerging Media (BA) View PDF
Communication Arts (BA) View PDF
Dance - Body, Science & Motion (BA) View PDF
Dance - Dance & Media (BA) View PDF
Dance - Dance Studies (BA) View PDF
Dance - Teaching Dance Arts (BA) View PDF
Dance (BFA) View PDF
Digital Journalism (BA) View PDF
Digital Media and Video Production (BA) View PDF
English and World Literatures - Literature (BA) View PDF  
English and World Literature - Creative Writing  (BA) View PDF
English and World Literature - Literature & Media (BA) View PDF 
Entrepreneurship (BS) View PDF
Environmental Studies (BA) View PDF
Finance (BS) View PDF
International Business (BS) View PDF
International Studies (BA) View PDF
Management (BS) View PDF
Marketing (BS) View PDF
Musical Theatre (BFA)

View PDF

Phil/RS - Philosophy (BA) View PDF
Phil/RS - Religious Studies (BA) View PDF
Politics and Human Rights (BA) View PDF 
Public Relations & Strategic Communications (BA) View PDF
Psychology (BA) View PDF  
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (BA) View PDF
Theatre Design & Technology - Costume (BFA)  View PDF
Theatre Design & Technology - Lighting (BFA) View PDF
Theatre Design & Technology - Scenic (BFA) View PDF
Theatre Design & Technology - Sound (BFA) View PDF
Theatre Design & Technology - Theatrical Media Design (BFA) View PDF
Theatre Design & Technology - Technical Production (BFA)

View PDF

Theatre Arts - Directing (BA) View PDF
Theatre Arts - Theatre & New Media (BA) View PDF
Theatre Arts - Producing & Management (BA) View PDF
Theatre Arts - History and Performance Text (BA) View PDF
Theatre Arts - Writing for the Stage (BA) View PDF

These requirements are for students in the 2020-2021 catalog. If you are in a prior Catalog, please use your Catalogue requirements (the Academic Catalog link includes prior year Catalogs).

Learn more about requirements in the Liberal Studies Program.

Please discuss the 8-Semester Plan with your advisor as schedules may deviate from the plan attached.