The Donaldson Awards

Thanks to a gift from the Oliver and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust, MMC has established the Donaldson Awards to help student’s present scholarly research at conferences around the country and the world. 

General Guidelines 

The general guidelines for application require current students to have been at Marymount Manhattan College for at least two semesters and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Faculty sponsorship is required.

Also, as the Donaldson is a restricted fund, there are limitations on what the award can be used for. Students may apply the award to conference registration fees, transportation/travel and hotel related expenses only.

Faculty Information

When a faculty member meets with a student to discuss a potential application they should make sure the student is aware of the following:

  • That they must apply in advance for funding from this program.
  • Applications submitted for funding, after the participants have attended the event, will not be processed.
  • The faculty sponsor must sign off on the completed application packet prior to the student
  • submitting it to Academic Affairs.
  • The Donaldson Award is a restricted fund which means that only conference registration fees, transportation/travel and hotel related expenses are covered. Expenses for other items cannot be reimbursed.

Student Application Procedures

 1. Applications for Donaldson Awards must be submitted to Academic Affairs at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled conference.
2. Applications must include a copy of the abstract that will be submitted to the conference
3. Applications for Donaldson Awards require a review by the Assistant Vice-President of Academic Administration and the approval of the award by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs .
4. The following must be submitted with the application form for the review to be completed:

  • A copy of the Flyer/Brochure from conference showing date of conference and registration fee.
  • A Copy of email or letter to you or your faculty sponsor informing you of your acceptance to attend and present at the conference.
  • Approval by your faculty sponsor as evidenced by their signature on the
  • Application Form.
  • A copy of estimated or actual round trip airfare/train of if driving mileage from travel website
  • A copy of estimated or actual hotel rate from travel website
  • A copy of estimated inner city transportation, if necessary (cabs to/from airport, etc)

5. Application Forms submitted without the above documentation will not be reviewed.

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