Alternative Credits

Some students come to MMC with professional experience, study, or prior vocational training under the belts. We want to ensure those students earn the credit they deserve for their work. 

Through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), students may submit a portfolio of their past work and achievements. We only award credit for prior learning that corresponds to a particular course offered at MMC. Faculty will assess your portfolio, which should provide evidence that you’ve already met the specific learning goals for the course(s) for which you seek credit.


To be eligible for PLA, you must be enrolled at MMC and in good academic standing. You should have earned 24 college credits, at least 12 of them at MMC. You must also have completed WRIT 101, WRIT 102, and MATH 113 or equivalent.


  • You may apply only up to 30 PLA credits toward the completion of your degree.
  • You may not seek PLA credit for courses that already include alternative testing options (CLEP, Language Equivalency Exams, etc. See the Advisement Office for further information).
  • Your combined CLEP and PLA credits may not total more than 30.
  • PLA credits don’t count toward the 30-credit college residency requirement or the 12-credit residency requirement in your major.
  • You may not seek PLA credit for MMC courses already attempted or completed.
  • PLA credits do not receive grades and are not applied to the minimum number of credits required to earn honors at graduation.

Not all colleges recognize prior learning credits. If you plan to attend graduate school after MMC, we advise you to check with prospective institutions to ensure your credits stand.  

Interested in Prior Learning Assessment? Schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor and Department Chair to discuss your options.