President’s Advisory Committee for Inclusivity

The President’s Advisory Committee for Inclusivity was established in the fall of 2015. It serves as an advisory body to the President on issues of diversity and inclusion at the College.  As such, the goal of this Committee is to create a community that maximizes each person’s capacity to learn and work in an institution where difference is embraced, valued and celebrated.

Accordingly, the Advisory Committee for Inclusivity is charged with the following:

  • Advise and make recommendations to the President on issues of diversity and inclusion.
  • Facilitate partnership and collaboration opportunities for students, faculty and staff with diversity related leadership roles, scholarly interests and administrative responsibilities.
  • Create a forum for students, faculty and staff to raise concerns about campus inclusivity.
  • Coordinate and publicize diversity-related events and programming on campus.

The Inclusivity Committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff at the College.  Students who are selected for the Committee serve as the diversity chair for their student organization or as the president of an identity-based club. Faculty and staff on the Committee have social justice related administrative responsibilities or interests, and represent various departments and divisions within the College.

The Committee twice a semester with subcommittee teams meetings one a month. Any member of the MMC community may submit their concerns about the campus climate for diversity directly to any member of the Committee listed below: 


Lauren Brown, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

Catherine Cabeen, Dance

Lorraine Martinez-Novoa, Business

Sarah Nelson Wright, Communication & Media Arts

Jill Stevenson, Theatre Arts


Bree Bullingham, Human Resources

Fanny He, Student Development and Activities

Dayne Hutchinson, Student Development and Activities

Rebecca Mattis-Pinard, Office of the President

Marissa Skiff, Human Resources

Michael Salmon, Academic Advisement

Desiree Sholes, Office of the President

Melissa Weekes-Stoute, Student Success