Resource Acquisition

The library allocates a certain amount to each division for faculty members to select resources for the library to purchase. These items should support the curriculum and strengthen the resources in your discipline.

You can order books, DVDs, audio cassettes, CDs, or videos and your advocacy for a particular journal or database will have a strong impact on whether we subscribe to it. 

To request material: 

  • Before making a request, please check MAMACAT, our online catalog, to see if we own the item.
  • If we do not own the item, please fill out an Acquisition Form, including ISBN if available.
  • Please note, faculty will need to get Chair approval from their department on the form.
  • When completed, forward the form to the library, Attn: Jason Herman.

Once we receive the form the material will be ordered through our vendors online. The process can take as long as two or three months but our current vendor is usually able to deliver within a month. Please keep these factors in mind when planning to order books for courses. For those ordering media resources, it can take up to two months to receive an order. 

You will be notified when the item arrives. If you would like the item to be immediately placed on reserve you may indicate this on the form along with the course number. Otherwise, when the item arrives it will be cataloged and shelved with the circulating collection.