What is Quick Search?

Quick Search is the library’s new Google-like search engine that provides fast, relevancy-ranked results through a single search box. In addition, students can search most of the library’s collection, creating an efficient search.  Quick Search allows students to easily find articles, books, images, and full text scholarly and peer-reviewed items.    

Tips for using Quick Search


Filters can help narrow your search and save you time.  They are located on the left-hand side of the Quick Search.  You can refine a search using the following criteria: full text, scholarly and peer-reviewed, content type, and publication date.


Punctuation helps to narrow a search.  For example, you can search for phrases by using quotation marks (“”). For instance, use “Green Book” to look for the movie instead of green books.  

Keywords are the default search method. The user can limit a search by subject but must use the filters.  


Quick Search makes citations easy! When searching for an article you have the option of exporting citations by simply clicking on the “ symbol. This will bring you to a drop-down menu and will provide you with a list of options on how to cite an item. 


Mendeley is social media website for scholars that allows authors of academic papers to share their research with other authors.  It allows for collaborating online with authors throughout the globe and provides a system of citation management that creates a digitally born bibliography that cites the original sources and provides analytics on them.

Contact Us

Please contact a librarian for help if you have difficulty starting a search or are finding too many resources. Often a specialized database or journal can be sufficient if you are writing a short academic paper.  Askalibrarian or 212-774-4808.