Phone System Information

Voicemail and other personal options:

  • Initial Access from within Marymount (Siemens Phones-white colored phones) :
    To access the voicemail system from within the college dial 517 on the keypad of the phone or press the phone mail button on the keypad if you have that option. Enter your password when prompted. If you do not have your password, please contact x580 to have it reset. 
    Initial Access from outside Marymount:To access the voicemail system from outside of the college dial 212-517-0517 on any phone and follow the automated prompts. 
  • Once you have connected, you have options from within the system menu:
    • You can listen to messages
    • You can change your internal greetings and external greetings
    • You can reset your password

Accessing Voice Mails from VOIP (Cisco Phones):

  •  Accessing the voicemail from the Cisco Phone:
        Press Voicemail button and follow the instructions.
  •  Accessing the VOIP Voicemail remotely: (Make sure you have changed the temporary password that was issued)
        Dial your phone number, when it goes to the voicemail; press the “Star” button.
        You will be prompted with the ID number, which is your extension (three-digit), input your        VM password, and follow the instructions.

Call forwarding: 

Cisco Phones

To forward all calls:

  1. Press the “Forward All” soft key.
  2. Then enter 9-1-(area code) phone number from your phone.
  3. To verify that your calls are forwarded, look for the “Forward All” icon in the line label, and the forwarding information in the header.

To cancel call forwarding:

  • Press the “Forward Off” soft key.

Siemens Phones (white-colored phones)

To forward all calls:

  1. Get dial tone, press FORWARD “FWD” key or dial #91.
  2. Dial 91(area code) phone number you want to receive your calls.
  3. Hang up the phone.

To cancel call forwarding:

  • Press “FWD” key or get dial tone and dial ##91


Setting up Conference Calls:

  1. Dial the first number of your conference call on the keypad of your phone
  2. As soon as you reach your party, have him or her stay on the line **Do not put your party on hold by pressing the HOLD button on your keypad, you need them to stay on the line**
  3. Dial the transfer (XFER) button on the keypad, once you hear the dial tone dial the next number for your conference call. 
  4. As soon as you have your second party on the line, press the conference (CONF) button on your keypad. Once you press the conference button the display on your phone will state “Conference ( or CONF) 1-2-3”
  5. You can have up to 6 parties on a conference call including yourself. To continue to add more than two calls to your conference call repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have reached all of your parties. Then continue to step 4. 
  6. Conference calls can be made using all internal or external parties or a combination of both.

Contact Us

If you need assistance, please send an email to with your phone number.