Connecting to the MMC Wireless Network

Wireless Service
 is available throughout Marymount main campus and 55th Street Residence Hall. All connections will be checked by Safe Connect and our standard Network Authentication.

Safe Connect protects the Marymount Manhattan College Network, as well as all connected computers. Any computer connected to the College Network is required to meet specific security checks to ensure that it remains protected and secure. Safe Connect helps you keep your computer safe!

For Windows: Click here for instructions on installing Safe Connect on your Windows computer located on the first page.

For MacIntosh: Click here for instructions on installing Safe Connect on your Macintosh computer and scroll down to the second page.


Anyone trying to connect to the Wireless network will need the following before they can connect:

  • Know your MMC Username and Password

    • Note: Your Username and Password are the ones you use to access all computers across campus.
  • If you have a Windows computer, make sure to do critical/express Windows Updates: ( You will be prompted to do these when you authenticate if you have not yet done them. 
  • You are required to have either Norton, McCafee, TrendMicro, AVG or F-Secure antivirus software. Otherwise you will only be granted restricted access.
  • Install Safe Connect Policy key on Windows and MacIntosh Computers (only) to certify your computer is up-to-date.


To connect your computer to the MMC Wireless Network:

  1. Open a Network Connection

    • To join the MMC Wireless Network by clicking the Start Button >All Programs > Connect to > Wireless Network Connection
  2. For MMC71W Wireless Network Connection Setup

    • From the Wireless Network Connection Window, make sure that MMC71W is listed and highlighted under Choose a wireless network
      Click Connect
    • Wireless Network Connection dialogue box will temporarily appear, instructing you to “Please wait while Windows connects…”
      When connected, the status of your MMC71W network will change under Choose a wireless network. When not connected it registers as Manual; once connected it registers as Connected.

In order to access the Internet at the 55th Street Residence Hall:

  1. Your MMC Account must be active (and you must know the password)*
  2. Your computer must updated to the latest security and critical patches

*Your MMC Account username and password information is distributed to you on orientation day. If your password needs to be reset you can visit Information Technology with your ID Card to change it.