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Creating a New Blog

  1. Go to the Dashboard for your group (blue button in the toolbar).
  2. Go to pages, and create a new page for your blog. Make note of the page URL.
  3. Click the Blogs tab.
  4. Click + Add and manage blogs
  5. Click the blue Create a blog button.
  6. Under Blog URL, enter the URL to the page you just created.
  7. The blog will have a title and blog post field. Add any more fields you need.
  8. Set permissions and comment settings, if needed, then save.

Adding New Blog Posts

  1. Go to the Dashboard for your group (blue button in the toolbar).
  2. Click the Blogs tab, and click on the blog you’d like to add to.
  3. Click +Add a new blog post.
  4. Enter the title, post, and any other fields
  5. Images are HIGHLY encouraged. Upload the highest quality image or a few images. Use the image cropper tool to select a square thumbnail that appears on the blog homepage.
  6. Click Save when finished. You can also click Save and Go to Post for a preview.

Blog Listing

Edit your page, and click Insert > Widget to add this widget.

By default, the widget shows any blog posts from this group.

You can customize the widget arguments to show a specific blog, for example:

<arg id=”blog”>Sciences at MMC</arg>
<arg id=”group”>Departments: Psychology</arg>