Health Insurance

Information regarding the 2020-2021 student health insurance plan is posted below.

Be on the lookout for emails from University Health Plans, which contain details of the plan, including dates, fees, and how to enroll or waive out. Email reminders are being sent weekly to your MMC email, so if you aren’t getting them, be sure to check your spam folder!

Important Insurance Information

All full-time (12 or more credits) Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) students are required to have adequate health insurance to cover them for sickness or injury EACH YEAR they are enrolled in school.

About the 2020-2021 Student Health Insurance Plan:

MMC students are eligible to enroll in the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plan. Empire BCBS is awaiting final approval of the plan and rates from the New York State Department of Financial Services. The plan is the equivalent of a “platinum” plan on the federal healthcare exchanges. It includes a modest deductible and co-insurance, as well as a robust nationwide network of providers. To ensure compliance all spring students that are newly eligible for the plan, enrolled for 12 or more credits, are automatically billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

The cost is about $1,831 for the spring period (1/1/21 – 8/14/21).

The Empire BCBS student health insurance plan brochure can be found here.


If no action is taken, students will automatically be enrolled in and charged for the comprehensive insurance plan offered through empire bcbs.

The  Spring deadline to waive out is February 15, 2020.

How to Opt-Out*

If you and your family feel you have adequate health insurance, you can fill out a waiver appeal form to opt-out of MMC’s insurance plan.

 Once you are logged on, please follow the prompts to waive MMC’s insurance. You will need:

  • Your student ID number
  • Your valid health insurance card

Once you receive verification that your waiver is approved, the charge for health insurance will be removed from your MMC bill. 

How to Enroll

To activate your membership, please visit

Although all students are automatically enrolled in the plan each year unless they complete a waiver form, qualified students who intend to enroll in the plan are highly encouraged to fill out an enrollment form online. The enrollment form will confirm that you want the Student Health Insurance, and result in you receiving an insurance card sooner than through the automatic enrollment process, which occurs at the end of September.

I already waived insurance last year. Do I need to opt-out again?

Yes. We are required to collect insurance information from all students EVERY academic year. So, all returning students must opt-out of the insurance plan EACH YEAR, otherwise, you will be charged for the insurance.

International Students

MMC students on an F-1 Visa who are residing in the United States are required to enroll in this insurance plan. You still need to activate the insurance and download your ID card by visiting (see How to Enroll).

Additional Information

If you have questions about insurance coverage and the waiver process, please contact University Health Plans Customer Service at 800-437-6448 or or MMC’s Counseling and Wellness Center at or (212) 774-0700.

For questions about your bill, please call the Center for Student Services at (212) 517-0500.