Emergency Response Plan

Marymount Manhattan College is committed to providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Equally important is for the College community to be informed and aware of how to best respond if an emergency were to occur at MMC.

In order to provide guidance on staying safe during an emergency we have created the Marymount Manhattan Emergency Response Guide. This guide addresses specific emergencies and details how you should best respond to them. 

Each member of the College community needs to exercise sound judgment in determining whether a situation is dangerous or potentially unsafe. Be reminded that any crisis or emergency presents circumstances that are not predictable. Use the information in the guide to stay safe, and modify your response if needed, as an emergency event unfolds.

Always notify Campus Safety immediately when confronted with any emergency, even if it appears to be contained or to have abated. If you are unsure about an incident or have a question, make the call to Campus Safety for readily available assistance.

Please take time to review and become familiar with the Emergency Response Guide. We strongly encourage all community members to save a copy to your desktop or print one out for handy reference. Your participation in emergency preparedness is essential in maintaining the safe environment we have created for all of us that work or attend classes at MMC.

Any questions relative to emergency preparedness can be addressed to the Director of Campus Safety at 212-517-0685.