Inclusivity Programming

The Intercultural Center at MMC hosts a variety of diversity and inclusivity programs throughout the academic year. With speakers, workshops, social, and cultural events, students have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the college’s rich array of activities. The programs offer enhanced student learning and help students develop their sensitivity as citizens of a global society.

We continue to celebrate annual events like the programs listed below. In addition to heritage programming, the office of Student Development and Activities sponsors events related to current experiences. If you have a programming suggestion please email Check out the calendar, Facebook, and the ‘What’s Happening at MMC’ tab for more events.

Throughout May, MMC recognizes the contributions of Asian-Americans to the United States.

During the month of February, MMC recognizes the contributions of Black/African-Americans to the United States.

From September 15 to October 15, MMC recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Latinx Americans to the US.

During the month of November, MMC honors the history and cultures of Native-American and Indigenous Peoples through educational and social-justice oriented events.
During the month of May, MMC recognizes the contributions of the LGBTQ community to the United States just in time for the official June Pride Month. 

Each year on November 20, MMC honors the lives that have been taken due to violence and hatred against the Transgender community. 


Read the College’s Inclusivity Statement here.