Attention to career development is integrated into our curriculum: develop critical readingwriting, research, and thinking skills essential for success not only in your academic work but also in your professional lives beyond the classroom.  Individualize your curriculum through independent studies. Broaden your global perspective through study abroad. Many students double major or minor at the college, finding that the skills gained in EWL extend to all their academic and creative pursuits.

See below for the course requirements for:

Curious to know what exactly you’ll be studying in the classroom? Below are some of our course titles. For fuller descriptions, see the MMC Catalogue.

  • Literature Courses

    AIP 305: Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man in Cultural Context

    EWL 112: World Literature in Context Literature

    EWL 120: Themes in World Literature 

    EWL 125: The Literary Imagination

    EWL 128: African-American Literary Traditions

    EWL 130: LGBTQ Literary Traditions

    EWL 132: Ethnic Literary Traditions

    EWL 136: Social Issues in Literature

    EWL 138: Children’s Literature

    EWL 207: Literary Analysis

    EWL 211: Classical Literature

    EWL 212: Medieval Literature

    EWL 213: European Romanticism

    EWL 215: Literature of the British Empire

    EWL 217: Early Modern Literature

    EWL 219: Literature of Early US Republic

    EWL 221: US Literature: 1865-1914

    EWL 225: Global Modernisms

    EWL 305: The Spanish Inquisition in Literature and Film

    EWL 306: Literature of the Pacific

    EWL 307: The Visual Memoir

    EWL 308: Trauma in Literature and Film

    EWL 309: Women’s Writing

    EWL 311: Reading While Black: Writing, Race, and Resistance

    EWL 312: Bible as Literature

    EWL 317: Reading the Eighteenth Century: Sex and the City

    EWL 322: Literature & Human Rights

    EWL 325: Gothic Fiction

    EWL 327: Literature and Film of The Global Portuguese Empire

    EWL 334: Literary New York

    EWL 345: Shakespeare and Film

    EWL 353: Modern European Fiction

    EWL 357: Psychological Portraits in Literature

    EWL 362: “Becoming American”: Immigrant Narratives

    EWL 365: Reading Contemporary Africa

    EWL 380: International Postmodernist Fiction

    EWL 400+: Shakespeare, Chaucer, Austen, Hugo, and Woolf Seminars

  • Creative Writing Courses

    CRW 201: Introduction to Creative Writing I


    CRW 205: Introduction to Creative Writing II    


    CRW 310: Literary Magazine                
    CRW 346: Intermediate Creative Writing   
    CRW 441. Workshop in Writing Poetry


    CRW 442. Workshop in Writing Fiction


    CRW 443. Workshop in Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • Language Courses

    ARAB 101: Elementary Arabic I

    ARAB 102: Elementary Arabic II

    CHIN 101: Elementary Chinese I

    CHIN 102: Elementary Chinese II

    FREN 101: Elementary French I

    FREN 102: Elementary French II

    FREN 201: Intermediate French I

    FREN 202: Intermediate French II

    SPAN 315: Hispanic Civilization