Our Alumni

After MMC, our alumni work in leading communication, television, film, and media industries.

  • Sarah Jane Arnegger ’06

    Class of 2006, Communication Arts major

    “I was able to challenge myself with the classes I chose and the professors I wanted to study with. The greatest thing a liberal arts program can provide is the opportunity to learn purpose and creativity and to foster personal growth.”

  • Shira Blumenthal ’12

    Class of 2012, Major in Communication Arts 

    After graduating from MMC’s Communication Arts program in 2012, Blumenthal began work as Brand Ambassador for Lion Brand Yarn, creating videos and online content for the popular textile company. She is also the founder of Hat Not Hate®, an anti-bullying campaign, developed in 2018 to help empower students across the country. 

  • Lorenza Brascia Ingram ’13

    Class of 2013, Communication Arts major, Journalism minor

    Three-time Emmy-nominated Lorenza Brascia Ingram graduated with a BA in Communication Arts and a minor in Journalism in 2013. While at MMC, she interned with CNN as a public relations and marketing intern. After graduating, she stayed with CNN and worked her way up to editorial producer. She is now the founder, editorial director, and executive producer of Lorenza Ingram Media, working with clients on content creation and strategy, strategic events, production, and creative consulting.

  • Kat Calamia ’16

    Class of 2016, Major in Communication Arts and Minor in Journalism

    “Before going to MMC, my career path trajectory was cloudy. I knew I loved writing and TV, but it wasn’t until I took Journalism 101 and my first screenwriting class at MMC that I found my true calling as a creative writer and journalist.”

  • Allison Canzanella ’11

    Class of 2011, Communication Arts major, Business Management minor

    I was never a student who could be a number instead of a name, which was one of the highlights of attending MMC. As a CommArts student, I was very lucky to take courses with passionate professors who truly cared about what my goals were. Each semester, professors would work with me to make a game plan to make sure I was getting the most out of each course and applying these lessons to what would be my career. Being in New York City, my options for internships were endless and knowing that I had a great support system truly helped me to grow.

  • Amari Collins ’14

    Class of 2014, Communication Arts major

    Amari Collins graduated in 2014 and has spent the past year working with Warm Springs Production as a casting producer. Between graduation and her current gig as a freelance casting director with Conde Nast, she worked as a casting associate producer for the Food Network’s show Chopped, in addition to casting for History Channel’s Pawn Stars as well and FYI’s Tiny House Nation and Food Porn. While at MMC, she was a production intern for shows such as Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, ABC’s The View, Showtime’s Homeland, and she casted for Broadway’s PippinChicago, and On The Town

  • Keenan Cooks ’12

    Class of 2012, Major in Communication Arts

    “It wasn’t until after I graduated and really started to thrive in my career that I realized how helpful my academic program and major really was. I took an editing class which has allowed me to create reels and promos for my classes and, as a result I’ve traveled the world teaching. Classes like interpersonal communication help me with tools to teach a great class and communicate with all types of people .”

  • Richard Cortes ’13

    Class of 2013, Communication Arts major

    Richard Cortes graduated in 2014 with a degree in Communication Arts. He spent six and a half years an Art Coordinator for the Rachael Ray Show. Now, Cortes is a freelance art coordinator and has worked with companies such as National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Crate and Barrel, and Amazon Live. In February 2019, he joined Amazon as the company’s newest art director.

  • Chelsea Gentile ’13


    Chelsea graduated from MMC in 2013 and went on to receive her Master’s in Communication and Entertainment Management from the University of Southern California in 2015. She is the senior manager of the Creative Services division at Live Nation. Previously, she served as an art coordinator for Warner Music Group and creative coordinator for Madison + Vine. While at MMC, she was a writer and editor for MMC’s The Monitor.

  • Robin Hodgson ’18

    Class of 2018, Communication Arts major with a concentration in Creative Media

    “The relationships I formed through MMC have been long lasting, whether it be friends, professors, or coworkers. I’ll be forever grateful to MMC for surrounding me in such a positive, supportive group.”

  • Madison Jones ’14

    Class of 2014, Communication and Media Arts major

    “Every communications arts course that I took at MMC prepared me for my current role in some way: Jenny Dixon’s courses taught me about the workplace and dealing with different personalities, Peter Schaefer’s courses sparked my interests in technology and communication in today’s digital world, and Corey Lieberman taught me the art of persuasion and strategic relations, something that is key in my industry. The amazing staff in the Communication Arts department all had a huge impact on where I am today and where my career is headed.” 

  • Molly Kessler ’14

    Class of 2014, Communication Arts major

    Molly Kessler graduated with a BA in Communication Arts (with a creative media concentration) in 2014. While at MMC she was a production intern for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After graduating, Molly got a job as an account coordinator with Rubeinstein Communication. She currently works as an assistant to the executive producer and co-hosts of hit show The View.

  • Emil Lendof ’14

    Class of 2014, Communication Arts and Graphic Design double-major

    Emil graduated in 2014 and double majored in Communication Arts and Graphic Design. Currently, he is a photo editor for The Wall Street Journal. Previously, Lendof worked as a multimedia editor for the New York Postphoto editor for The Daily Beast, and freelance photo editor for Nickelodeon. While at MMC, he interned for multiple offices with Essence magazine.

  • Alisha Rajpal ’14

    Class of 2014, Communication Arts major

    The Communication and Media Arts alumna credits her MMC education with preparing her for a career in writing. “The writing exercises and books recommended to me by my professors have stayed with me over the years,” she says. “To this day, I use these tools in my work.” 

  • Joanna Rogers ’12

    Class of 2012, Communication Arts major, Creative Writing minor

    “Intern, a lot. Internships allowed me to figure out what areas of my industry I liked and which I didn’t like. I interned every semester on top of a fully loaded class schedule and I was able to complete my college degree in three and a half years. I grew my network, received reference letters, and interview opportunities at past companies.”

  • Angela Scire ’18

    Class of 2018, Double-major in  Digital Media and Video Production and Communication Arts

    “The Comm Arts department allowed me the freedom to think creatively and work on projects that I was really passionate about. As I develop and execute creative concepts as it applies to Marketing Strategy in my new role at the Post, I am truly grateful for everything I learned at MMC!” 

  • Jessica Summers ’12

    Class of 2012, Major in Communication Arts, double-minor in Journalism and Political Science

    Jessica Summers graduated from MMC with a BA in Communication Arts and a double minor in journalism and political science in 2012. She continued on to receive her MBA in Business and Economic Reporting from New York University. She is currently a breaking news and energy markets reporter with Bloomberg News. Jessica is highly involved in the MMC community and often comes to speak to the journalism students to give advice and help prepare them for their careers.

  • Molly Ward ’15

    Class of 2015, Major in Political Science

    After working for MSNBC’s Emmy-nominated show All in with Chris Hayes, Molly, a double-major in Political Science and Communications, began work in mid-2018 as an Associate Producer for Peloton Interactive. 

  • Amanda Webster ’15

    Class of 2015, Communication Arts major, Creative Media concentration

    Webster is currently working as an assistant for Beau Willimon (House of CardsThe First) developing new films and TV shows.