Why Study Creative Writing?

    As the great writer and New Yorker James Baldwin once said, “You write in order to change the world.” As a Creative Writing major, you’ll hone your narrative and lyric styles, take artistic risks, and push past the limits of your imagination to build other realities, both on the page and in your community.

    Why Study Creative Writing at MMC?

    Join one of the few creative writing undergrad programs in the publishing capital of the United States. By being in New York City, you will engage with the city’s literary institutions and events. Readings, launches, book festivals, publishing networking opportunities, and a diverse writing community await.

    Our workshop-based curriculum will sharpen your narrative skills in a supportive environment. Dedicated faculty and passionate fellow students will bring new perspectives to your work, offer individualized attention, and provide insightful feedback to make your writing even stronger.

    You’ll also learn what it takes to get a piece from submission to publication through your work on our literary magazine. Students select, edit, lay out, and distribute the issue for a true hands-on experience in the world of publishing.

    What You Will Learn

    You’ll utilize your capacity to analyze and examine your own writing in a self-reflective manner while learning the importance of drafting and revision. Through these processes, students learn to work collaboratively in a community of writers, giving and receiving feedback on their work-in-progress in professional-style workshops.

    Study and compose poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in a collaborative, comprehensive fashion. Workshop-based courses provide students with an expansive awareness of the different critical traditions that shape literary history. It’s all about the process: creative spark to draft, revision, submission, and publication.

    Program Highlights

    The New York Public Library

    New York City bursts with literary history and culture — from Shakespeare in the Park and the Public Theater to the New York Public Library and Strand Bookstore in the East Village.

    It’s a city where the streets offer a map of literary history filled with places from which classics sprang. The literary past of New York City is only surpassed by its present— find writing, performance, and cultural events any night of the week.

    Solange Guerrero and Cassie Sublette
    Attention to career development is integrated into our curriculum: develop critical reading, writing, research, and thinking skills essential for success not only in your academic work but also in your professional lives beyond the classroom.  
    Pace University
    MMC has a unique partnership with Pace University that allows up to two qualified students per year to begin pursuing their Masters’s degree in Publishing while completing their undergraduate degree. This program offers considerable advantages for students who are eager to establish themselves on a career path beyond entry-level positions in publishing and is particularly attractive to students who have strong interests in language, literature, and writing.


    Careers and Outcomes

    As an English and World Literatures major, you will be well prepared for numerous options after you graduate — from graduate school to careers in a wide range of professions.


    • Technical Writer
    • Social Media Manager
    • Lawyer
    • Teacher
    • Editor
    • Content Manager


    The Carson Review

    The mark of a thriving undergraduate creative writing program is in the eminence of its student literary magazine: The Carson Review is Marymount Manhattan College’s creative writing journal, published once a year in the spring.

    Learn more about The Carson Review

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