Resources and Policies

Please note that these policies are subject to change according to evolving conditions.

Important Resources

The following resources will have the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19:

MMC’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol and Schedule

MMC has adopted enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols in accordance with CDC guidance as well as state and local health departments. These protocols include consistent and regular cleaning of the entire campus with additional focus on high-traffic and/or high-risk areas. Additionally, the protocol addresses specific enhanced cleaning/disinfecting procedures, which will be employed to disinfect necessary areas if potential and/or confirmed COVID-19 cases arise on campus. The Facilities Department will maintain a log, which will indicate how each type of facility is cleaned, when, and by whom. 

The cleaning teams have been specifically trained to provide cleaning services geared towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 and will be using cleaners approved by the EPA as effective for this purpose. Additionally, this procedure also integrates increased access for MMC Community members on campus to disinfecting wipes, so that shared spaces can be cleaned immediately after use.

Contingency Plans for Dealing with a Case on Campus

MMC has modified its existing contingency plan to address the potential for cases arising on campus and/or a rise in infection in NYC. Based on our experience in the spring and updated guidance from the CDC, NYS, and state and local health departments, MMC has updated its procedures for a rapid shut down of facilities and modification of operations. These procedures include the transition to remote operations/telework as required, integration with NYC DOHMH to facilitate contact tracing for confirmed cases, targeted COVID-19 cleaning/disinfection of impacted areas, and the dissemination of emergency communications to the community. 

Travel Policies and Quarantine Requirements

Individuals traveling to New York from out of state will be required to quarantine for 10 days. The list of impacted states changes regularly and is available for review here. Please note that the College’s policies regarding these requirements is subject to change with local and state guidance.

Effective November 4, 2020, individuals arriving to New York from one of the restricted locations will be allowed to “test out” of the mandatory 10-day quarantine by providing proof of two negative COVID-19 tests. The first test must be obtained within 3 days of departure from that state. The individual then must quarantine for 3 days upon arrival in New York. On the 4th day, a second COVID test must be obtained. If both tests come back negative, the individual is allowed to exit quarantine.

Please see New York State’s COVID-19 Travel Advisory webpage for more information, and please check the list of restricted states before you travel.

Student, Faculty, and Staff Accommodations

Students, faculty, or staff with health or safety considerations will be able to apply for special accommodation for any of the College’s Restart policies as necessary. Students should contact the Office of Disability Services for assistance. More details for faculty and staff from the Office of Human Resources can be found here.