MMC’s Plan for Fall 2021

Marymount Manhattan College will continue to keep main campus facilities and the residence halls open, and continue to expand the number of classes that take place in person for Fall 2021.

As President Kerry Walk stated in a message to the MMC community, the College anticipates that 80% of classes will be face-to-face or blended (“blended” means a mix of in-person and online components). All science labs will be offered in person, as will almost all performance and studio-based courses, which include acting, voice, and dance classes. Note that all in-person learning can swiftly move to a virtual environment should official health and safety directives require it. Also, the College will not raise tuition and fees for the 2021-22 academic year.

Important Dates

The Academic Advisement Period begins March 17, 2021.
Fall 2021 Registration begins April 6, 2021.

The Fall 2021 Course Bulletin identifies how each course will be taught based on its section code.

Classes being taught in person have a numerical section code (01, 02, 03, etc.).
Online courses have an OL section code (OL01, OL02, OL03, etc.).
Blended courses have a BL section code (BL01, BL02, BL03, etc.).
Additional information is included in the notes for each class.

Safety, Flexibility, and Community have been the College’s guiding principles since the outbreak of the pandemic, and they are what has allowed the College to remain open since mid-August 2020. As the College looks toward the next academic year, we are hopeful for the next phase of our journey together.