Our Students

Students in our Bedford Hills and Taconic programs are held to the same rigorous academic standards as anyone at MMC, taking placement exams in math, reading, and essay writing, and fulfilling the same general education and major requirements. A college degree substantially increases these students’ chances for fruitful employment after their release. With their degrees, many BHCP and TCP graduates work in social-service nonprofits, prison-transition services, and social work.

On our Manhattan campus, the Bedford Hills Club (BHC) is a student organization committed to prison reform and accessible education, and works to further bridge MMC’s three campuses through education, awareness, and active involvement. Currently, the BHC donates to and volunteers for Books Through Bars, promotes the annual Stand Up, Speak Out Film Festival, and participates in additional on- and off-campus events as developed. Books Through Bars NYC is a non-profit volunteer-based organization that sends books to incarcerated people all over the United States. Follow the club on Instagram , or email BHCPC@mmm.edu  for more information.

  • Makeda Davis ’19

    Class of 2020, Major in Sociology with a minor in Business

    “There’s nothing greater than education. The more I learn, the more I know about myself and the great possibilities that life offers. I hope to prove that anyone can do better when they know better and are given a chance.”

  • Sherika Stewart

    Former Student, MMC’s Bedford Hills College Program

    “The BHCP has taught me that dreaming and achieving your goals takes dedication and discipline. Professors and staff not only inspire you with the work they have done, but they help you create new dreams and new ideas…they give you the tools and, most necessary, the support to navigate difficult circumstances using the elevated mind.”

  • Alicia Williams ’14

    Class of 2014, Major in Sociology

    “Studying sociology helped me to understand myself more, as well as learn about diverse cultures and communities. This, in turn, led me to discover that I love helping and working with people.”