Bedford Hills College Program

The MMC Experience at Bedford Hills

We offer a rich slate of academic and extracurricular activities to enhance BHCP students’ college experience, including guest speakers and skills enhancement workshops. Students also share their creative work in Read Arounds, writing workshops, and poetry slams.

Since 2006, MMC has hosted the Crossing Borders Academic Conference at the correctional facility every 1-2 years, where professors and students—from outside the facility and in—present their work on a wide variety of subjects. The event attracts roughly 200 attendees, and its importance to Bedford students cannot be overstated. The conference is a reminder that they are important and respected members of a larger learning community.


MMC also holds Inside/Out Art Exhibits at the facility, showcasing artwork from BHCP, MMC, and consortium college students, and publishes The Insider newsletter, designed to serve the facility’s whole population, not just students. Current and past BHCP students comprise the editorial board, write the articles, and design the layout of the newsletter.

BHCP applicants must have either a high school diploma or a GED and take placement exams in math, reading, and essay writing. Test scores help determine placement in either credit or non-credit preparatory courses.

Meet the Staff

Aileen Baumgartner (center) with MMC President Kerry Walk and President Emerita Regina Peruggi in 2017

Aileen Baumgartner

Director of Bedford Hills Program

Department: Bedford Hills College Program
Phone: 914-241-3100 x 4514

Lisette Bamenga, TCP

Lisette Bamenga

Coordinator, Taconic College Program

Department: Taconic College Program