Starting a New Organization

Starting a new organization

Starting a new organization is a relatively easy process but it does involve a few different steps in order to complete it successfully. The Student Development and Activities team works closely with interested students to determine the purpose and mission of their proposed new organization. Once ideas are formalized, we will walk you through the necessary paperwork to complete the New RSO Form. Formal proposals are then forwarded on to the Student Government Association where the full Senate will vote on the activation of your new group.

Step 1: What does MMC already offer for student organizations?

Before creating a new organization outright, take a look through our roster of existing organizations to see if the group you’re looking for already exists on the Student Organizations page. Groups that have recently been deactivated will appear in italics. If we do have an active organization, simply contact them to get involved. If a group that you would like to be a part of is currently inactive, contact Ben Giuliana at to begin the easy process of reactivation.

Student Development and Activities also has a catalog of older inactive organizations that are not listed on our website. For more information on those, please contact us at 

Step 2: You have a new idea for an organization—now what?


This is fantastic news! We’re always excited to welcome new and imaginative clubs and organizations. Below are your action items now that you’re starting a brand new Registered Student Organization:

  1. Build your Team
    1. Find three additional people who would excitedly join the organization’s executive board (Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary)
    2. Find a full-time faculty or staff member who would be interested in serving as the advisor
    3. Find 6 additional students interested in being general members
  2. Write your new organization’s mission statement and create a constitution using our Constitution Template
  3. Complete the online New RSO Form, which includes uploading the roster, mission statement and constitution.

After submission, the online process will route the form accordingly to your advisor, to the SDA staff and then to the Student Government Association for final review. 

You will receive notification from SGA on the status of the organization at that point. The process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Step 3: What does an SGA review entail?

The Student Government Association executive board and senate are the final authorizing body for the formal recognition of clubs and organizations.

What does SGA look for when reviewing?
  • Is the mission of this organization unique from anything previously established at MMC?
  • Does the purpose of this organization serve the student body and/or the broader MMC community?
  • Does the mission embrace MMC’s mission of embracing and celebrating inclusion?
  • Does this organization have the potential to thrive year-to-year?

Once the application is received by SGA, a representative will contact you with an invitation to attend an upcoming meeting in order to answer any questions that may arise.

Step 4: SGA has approved the organization. What’s next?

Once SGA has approved the group as a Registered Student Organization, a member of the SDA staff will ask to meet with the organization officers to review the myriad resources available to support the success of student organizations. We’ll go through the benefits of RSO status, how to request funding, how to plan events on campus, taking advantage of the Student Organization Suite resources and how to engage the student body as an official student organization of MMC, just to name a few.

Get Started!

As always, if you have any questions at any point in the process, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Development and Activities office at

You can also reach out to Ben Giuliana, Coordinator of Student Activities, at, who oversees the establishment and operations of clubs and organizations.