Core Council

The Core Council at Marymount Manhattan College was established to coordinate the efforts among the six (6) major student organizations on campus to increase the engagement of the general student body, and to serve as a unifying voice to better address issues affecting the student body. 

To accomplish its mission, the Core Council steadfastly works towards:

  • Establishing, coordinating, and publicizing the activities of the member organizations
  • Assisting the College’s administration in attaining its student engagement objectives
  • Maintaining student involvement, advocacy, and inter-council relations
  • Encouraging student leaders and organizations to maintain involvement within the college community at Marymount Manhattan College

Core Council Representation

The executive board of the Core Council is comprised of one representative from a number of active, longstanding student organizations on campus. The Core Council may never exceed six (6) member organizations. The participating organizations were selected, in part, due to the far-reaching nature of their mission and/or programming efforts and their perceived ability to work towards the overall mission of the Core Council. For more information on any of the member organizations of the Core Council, click each of the names below:

 To contact the Core Council, please email or one of the respective member organizations.

Professional Development Grant

As part of the Core Council’s mission, current Marymount Manhattan College students have the opportunity to apply for the Core Council Professional Development Grant to fund or partially fund involvement in a conference/workshop. This grant was established in order to support the continued development of student leadership and leadership skills of students here at MMC.

To apply for the grant, please follow this link.