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The Purchasing Department and Administrative Services (located on the lower level of Carson Hall) at MMC performs the following services:

Requisition Processing

  • Completing an Electronic MMC Requisition Form
    • Provide vendor information in the designated field (including; name, address, phone number and email address).
    • Choose PO type:
      • Purchase Order
      • Blanket Purchase Order
      • Change Order:
        • Include PO or BPO number.
        • Amount on the Change Order should be the amount to be added to the current PO or BPO. Include the purpose for requested materials/services and any additional requests.

          Note: If this is the first time we are using a vendor, please attach a completed W-9 Form along with the submitted requisition, or provide an email address from the vendor so we can request the form.
    • Enter budget code being used to purchase goods/services. 
    • Include description and specification on goods/services being requested.
    • Enter the quantity.
    • Enter the unit cost. Note: The total will automatically calculate. 
    • Enter shipping and handling cost (if applicable). Note: The grand total will automatically calculate any shipping costs entered.
    • Enter the date.
    • Print initiator’s name, Division/Department chair’s name, and sign once you have printed the document. 

Please refer to the MMC Purchasing Manual for additional information including:

You have the ability to save the MMC requisition form to your computer to use for future use by renaming the document.

Ordering Business Cards

  • Complete one of the Supply Requisitions (attachment below) and include a Word document that includes the following for each for business cards being ordered:
    • Name
    • Title 
    • Phone Number
    • Mobile Number (if applicable) 
    • Social Media Handle (if applicable)
    • Fax Number
    • Email Address
  • Include in your order estimated shipping charges (either type ordered):
    • $8.25/per each 250 card order
    • $9.75/per each 500 card order

Name Badges 

  • Complete the spreadsheet (attachment below) with name(s) in ALL CAPS and department in Upper And Lower Case text (Example: name: JOHN DOE, department: Administrative Services).
  • Email completed spreadsheet to Ebro Marrero and Maria C. Marzano.
  • Upon receipt of your request, name badges will be reviewed and order placed.
  • Once name badges are received they will be reviewed and given to your department.

Request for Printing and Bulk Mailings

  • All large mailings including; printing of flyers, brochures, letters (over 50 pieces), must be approved by Institutional Advancement before it is folded and/or inserted, or mailed out.
    • Complete Bulk Mailing Form for each new mailing (over 50 pieces)
    • Forward the approved Bulk Mailing Form, containing Institutional Advancement’s approval, with new mailing to the Mailroom.
    • Copy of the Bulk Mailing Form and sample of the mailing will be maintained by Administrative Services for future mailing of the same request.
    • Mailing will then be folded and/or inserted as requested and mailed out. 

Bottled Water Delivery

  • Contact Ebro Marrero and Maria C. Marzano
    • To increase/decrease water supply inventory
    • To schedule a professional water cooler cleaning by a Nestle Water technician (price for cleaning - $59.99 - recommended every six months).


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