Branding Resources and Guidelines

Our brand is more than a logo—it’s who we are, and how we communicate the MMC story to both internal and external audiences.

Why does branding matter?

An institution’s brand is more than its logo. It’s the voice we speak with, and the messages that define us. It’s the images we share with our community and the world. It’s what we communicate and how we communicate it. This comes from the College’s core values, and the shared experiences of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as MMC’s connections and partnerships with the greater community beyond our campus.

The objective of these guidelines is to help us clearly present our brand in every communication we create. By applying these guidelines, we can keep our communications consistent and recognizable as a unified MMC brand. As our brand grows, we’ll continue to refine and enhance this document so that the MMC brand stays fresh, vibrant, and compelling.

Key elements of the College’s identity are:

  • Logos: guidelines and web/print files for download
  • Colors: color palate and codes 
  • Fonts: typography used for college communications
  • Style Guide: language standards 
  • Image Library: high-resolution photos for official use

For any questions or concerns in regard to the College’s branding standards, please contact: