Parents and Friends

As a parent or family member of an MMC student or alum, you are an important part of our MMC community.


Move-in day at Cooper Square 2016

MMC encourages parents, guardians of students, family members, alumni and other friends to become involved in the life of the College.

For resources directed towards parents and family members, you’re invited to visit the Parents Gateway section of our website. The Parents Gateway provides links to various support documents, news about recent happenings throughout the college, and a feed of events open to parents and friends.

How can I get involved?

Admissions Advocacy

Parents often attend local college fairs with counselors from the Office of Admissions and help to represent MMC to prospective students and parents.  Parents may also make themselves available on a limited basis to answer phone or e-mail inquiries for prospective parents and students regarding their experience with MMC. Contact the Office of Admissions for more info.

President Kerry Walk with MMC student and parent MMC Parent at Homecoming

Career Networking

Working with the Office of Career Services, parents and friends may provide counsel and guidance regarding their own fields to interested students and young alumni through both workshops and mentoring opportunities. They connect students to their own industry networks through internships and other potential employment opportunities. You can find more info for parents from the Office of Career Services here.

The Annual Fund

Simply put, gifts from our friends and community members make us happen. Parents are encouraged to give to the Annual Fund and encourage other parents or family members to do so. These gifts can be directed as unrestricted to meet urgent needs of the College or can support a particular program or interest. Parents are also encouraged to connect their personal contacts in corporations, foundations, and other potential funders to the Office of Institutional Advancement for the benefit of our current students.

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