Space Rentals

General Information

  • All renters are required to use MMC’s on-campus Dining Service Provider, Chartwells.
    • Alcohol must be purchased by the renter and a licensed bartender, contracted through Chartwells, is required for events serving alcohol.
  • Facilities, Campus Safety and other staffing needs may be required at an additional cost depending on group size and set-up needs.
    • Facilities Staff at $50/hr, (2) Staff minimum, 4-Hr Shift minimum
    • Campus Safety Staff at $25/hr, 6-Hr Shift minimum
  • Media Services, including a laptop, projector, remote, screen, CD player, and TV/VCR/DVD, are available upon request.
  • 15% Discount offered to members of the MMC Community.
  • Furniture on-site is available upon request:
    • 72 inch round tables
    • Folding chairs
    • Six foot tables
    • Eight foot tables
    • High-top/low-top cocktail tables
    • Lecterns - wood & Lucite
    • Portable rolling whiteboard
    • Office Supplies are not included (chalk, dry-erase markers, pen/pencils, notepads, etc.)
    • Any furniture outside the above list must be rented by the renter.

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