Faculty and Staff Resources

For more information about specific accommodation questions, please contact Diana Nash or Lindsay Green

Accommodation Information

Accommodation Letters are sent to each registered students’ professors at the beginning of the semester via a Confidential email labeled “Request for Accommodations”. These emails will provide the students eligible accommodations. 

Office of Disability Services Policy Handbook

Syllabus Information




Workshops are given to students, staff and faculty to educate and inform them about the disability community as well as the resources available at MMC. 

Ability Zone

Ability Zone is an introductory workshop about stigma, disability, and supporting/advocating for the disability community. It will address the harmful first messages we receive about people with disabilities, different types of disabilities, and the ways in which we can disrupt ableist culture on and off-campus. This workshop is 1.5 hours and can be tailored for your office, department, club, organization, etc. For upcoming workshop information please visit Trainings and Workshops.