Program Extension

F-1 students can extend their program end date on their I-20 only if they have a compelling academic or medical reason.  Students are responsible of knowing the program end date on their I-20 and requesting an extension before the I-20 expires.  


If the reason for an extension is academic, students need to seek approval from the Academic Advisement Office.  A signature from an Academic Advisor on the Program Extension Request Form is required for the program extension.  

An example of a compelling academic reason is the student added or changed their major after starting at MMC.

Please note: Academic probation does not qualify as a compelling academic reason for an I-20 program extension.


If the reason is medical, the student needs to provide documentation from a U.S. licensed medical doctor attached to the Program Extension Request Form.

How to Apply

Fill out a Program Extension Request Form and return a completed copy with all required signatures/documentation to the International Student Services Coordinator.