Federal Qualitative Standard

Federal Qualitative Standard: Grade Point Average (GPA)

According to federal regulations, to be considered as making satisfactory academic progress, the student must have a cumulative C average (2.0 GPA) at the end of the student’s second academic year, (this includes transfer credits taken at another college accepted at MMC). Any student not making satisfactory academic progress is considered ineligible for federal aid. The minimum required cumulative GPA is shown in the following table.

Required Minimum GPA

Credit Hours Attempted Minimum Required Cumulative GPA
1 – 18 credits 1.2
19 - 29 credits 1.5
30 - 47 credits 1.8
48+ credit 2.0

Federal Quantitative Standard: Pace

According to federal regulations, financial aid eligibility is limited to 150% of the credits required to complete a degree. As explained above a student’s financial aid eligibility is limited to a total of 180 attempted credit hours. That is the maximum timeframe allowed for program completion. For a student to be maintaining the proper pace, the ratio of earned hours to attempted hours must be no less than as shown in the following table.

Pace for Degree Completion

When total attempted hours are: Earned (completed) hours must be at least:
Less than 26 credits 50% of attempted hours
26-50 credits 55% of attempted hours
51-75 credits 60% of attempted hours
76-100 credits 65% of attempted hours
101-125 credits 70% of attempted hours
126+ credits 75% of attempted hours 

Additional Standards and Requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress:

  • Students must be matriculated in an approved degree program.
  • Attempted hours include all courses for which a student is registered, at the end of the “W” period.
  • To calculate the cumulative GPA all A, B, C, D, F, WF, and UW grades are used and counted as earned (completed credits).
  • The following grades are counted as attempted credit hours but will not count as earned (completed) credits: W, P, AU, N, NA, and Y
  • If a course is repeated, credits for each time the student registers will be added to the attempted/earned credit totals. Both grades received will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
  • If a student petitions and is approved for a grade waiver, credits for the course will be added to the attempted/earned credit totals. But, only the most recent grade received will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
  • Transfer credits accepted toward the student’s academic program will be counted as both attempted and earned credits. For additional information review the section of the catalog on Transfer credits.
  • An incomplete grade must be resolved by March 1st after fall and January terms and by October 1st after the spring and summer terms to avoid an administrative “F” grade.