New York State Excelsior and Enhanced Tuition Award Programs

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced a new program for “free tuition” at public institutions.

Effective fall 2017, students who are New York State residents and U.S. citizens with family incomes of less than $125,000 may apply. A state-run lottery will decide who receives the award, as it is not automatically guaranteed to all students. If you happen to be selected among the many thousands of applicants, you should be aware of the caveats below in order to receive free tuition:

  • You must maintain a minimum GPA or you will lose the award.
  • You must complete 30 credits per year or you will lose the award. Summer coursework as a part-time student is not covered under the award.
  • You must graduate in four years or you will lose the award.
  • Upon graduation, you must live and work in New York State for as many years as you receive the award. Otherwise, the award becomes a loan and you will be required to repay the full amount.

The Marymount Manhattan College Advantage

Generous merit, talent, and need-based scholarships and grants offered. Marymount Manhattan College awards financial aid to more than 90 percent of its full-time students. The College rewards your academic and artistic achievements and wants to help support your academic career. In 2015-16 MMC awarded $18 million in federal, state and institutional grant aid to our students. Unlike the Excelsior or Enhanced Tuition Award Program there are no residency or work requirements attached to MMC institutional grants and scholarships and they will never be converted into a loan.

Remember to consider the net price when comparing the cost of education. MMC has one of the lowest tuition rates of private colleges in New York City. And, we offer a tailored educational experience including our premier City Edge program. This exciting college to career program assures you are prepared for a bright future. After you subtract the many sources of state, federal, and institutional aid, you may be surprised how affordable a private education can be.

Flexible course loads assure our students will be academically successful. We know not all students can take 15 credits in the first semester as they transition to college or in a future semester when they may have those demanding courses. At MMC, you can choose a variety of course loads, it is up to you. Our faculty and advisors will work with you each semester to assure you have the number and level of classes to assure your academic success.

The majority of graduating Marymount Manhattan students complete their degree in 4 years. Our small classes and student to faculty ratio of 11:1 assure you will get the attention you deserve. Most students will obtain an internship to get real world experience and are ready to go into the job market no matter where it takes them. In addition, 13% of our students apply and are accepted into graduate schools all around the country and the world. You never know where your next adventure will be, whether in New York City or in the global market.

Frequently Asked Questions