COVID-19/Remote Work Resources

During such a stressful time, information is constantly changing and developing. The articles and resources below are being updated, to the best of our ability, as more information becomes available. To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor, please login to MMC Career Connection or email

*Resources with an asterisk (*) contain information beneficial to graduating students.

Hiring Information during COVID-19

Preparing for the Job Search

Resume Writing

Cover Letter Writing

Interview Preparation

Social Media and the Job Search

Accepting/Negotiating a Job Offer

Job Search Resources

Remote Job Boards

 Freelance Remote Work Job Boards

 Search Engines with Remote Work Filters

 No Filter, But Remote Opportunities Available

 MMC Job Search Resources

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

Online Skills Training/Online Learning Platforms

NOTE: Some of the platforms below may require paid membership to use the platform