Policy on Outside Courses

The Department of Mathematics does not give permission to take a Math course at another institution if the same course is offered at MMC during the same semester.

Faculty in the Department of Mathematics want to ensure that taking a course at another institution will help you succeed. Sometimes, other institutions offer courses that sound like our courses, but are of lower quality and provide much less content. For this reason, we don’t always approve these requests, and we need information to ensure that the courses taken elsewhere are equivalent to the courses we offer here.

Please follow the process below to apply for approval to take a course elsewhere.

  1. Contact your adviser to make sure that you meet GPA and other requirements to take the course in another institution. If your adviser gives you the permission, please follow the steps below:
  2. Submit the following documents. Please do this at least 3 weeks in advance of when you need to register for the course.
  3. Permission to take a course outside the Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution Form is available here and a physical copy can be filled out in Academic Advising, located in the lower floor   of Nugent Hall.
  4. Official course description from the catalog with credits from the institution and program where you plan to take the course. This can be found in the Academic Catalogue and often on the Institution’s web site
  5. A complete syllabus from the institution where you plan to take the course.

  6. The proof that the course has proctored cumulative final exam.
  7. We, in turn, will then check that the program and institution selected by you satisfies the following requirements:
  • It has regional accreditation
  • The specific math course is comparable to our math courses in content and rigor if applicable.
  • The specific math satisfies the learning goals of DS3 or foundational mathematics.
  • Please give us 5 working days to give you an e-mail response during the fall and spring semesters; it will take longer (at least 15 working days) during the holiday season or January or summer sessions.
  • Please do not register or enroll in a course without obtaining all the written permissions.

NOTE: 100 or 200 level courses taken at another institution will not be used to substitute for any 300 level courses at MMC. This is a college rule and is specified in the MMC college catalog.