Our Alumni

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Below is a little bit about some of our students, current and alum, and what they’re doing in the world today.

  • Emily Inman ’17

    Class of 2017, Double-Major in Philosophy and English and World Literatures

    “The words for Emily were relatively easy to choose, given her passion for life, literature, and learning. Dante, from Canto 27 of Purgatorio in the Divine Comedy, offers some of the best parting words ever from a teacher to a student: “[We the faculty have] brought you here through intellect and art;/from now on, let your pleasure be your guide;/you’re past the steep and narrow paths…. Await no further word or sign from [us]:/your will is free, right, and whole—to act/against that will would be to err: therefore/[we] crown and miter you over yourself.”

    -Dr. Bradley Herling

  • Nina Carter ’16

    Class of 2016, Major in Religious Studies

    “Majoring in Religious Studies gave me a rich and thorough understanding of world movements throughout history. Armed with theoretical knowledge, and a deep appreciation for what makes people tick, believe in something greater than themselves, I can truly say my experience at MMC prepared me for what is now a very successful career in movement building and in the non-profit space in 2018. Not a day goes by that I don’t phrase things, understand things, or talk about things the way that I did in my Religious Studies courses. Religious Studies at MMC has helped me pave my own way in a field heavily saturated with smart, talented, and intersectional people.”

  • Christian Kronsted ’14

    Class of 2014, Major in Philosophy

    Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, The University of Memphis

    The Philosophy and Religious Studies program at MMC is near and dear to my heart. The MMC program provided an excellent foundation in philosophy and gave me a home for four years. I would not be where I am today without the training I received at MMC. I wholeheartedly recommend the philosophy and religious studies program to anyone who wants a rigorous education in philosophy that values personal growth and creativity.

  • Kenan Hunter ’18

    Class of 2018, Double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Digital Media and Video Production

    The Philosophy and Religious Studies major taught me how to think critically and helped me develop reasoning skills which I use daily working in television. I find that the skills taught are easily transferable to a variety of careers. Further, the faculty were very supportive and instrumental in guiding me towards career development and growth as an individual during my time at Marymount.

  • Sarah Insalaco ’16

    Class of 2016, Major in History

    Since graduation, Sarah Insalaco has been preserving history as an AmeriCorps member, first in Duluth, Minnesota, and then Clarksburg, West Virginia. With the mission “to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering,” AmeriCorps volunteers are selected and paid to serve across the nation in all sorts of community service projects. 

  • Ariel Kline ’15

    Class of 2015, Philosophy and Religious Studies major, Art History minor

    A world traveler who recently spent time in Istanbul and the U.K., Kline has a deep appreciation for the MMC faculty members who helped propel her career. “The kindness and guidance of Professor of Art History Adrienne Bell, Ph.D., is just one example of the school’s best advantage: small class sizes and caring professors, which results in great mentor relationships.”

  • Sabrina Sooknanan ’19

    Class of 2019, Double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Business, Social Entrepreneurship concentration

    The best thing I ever did in my academic career was declaring a major in Philosophy. I am proof that the skills you learn in your Philosophy major will be vital and transferable to all industries. Majoring in Philosophy provided me the confidence to ask fundamental questions and encouraged me to dig deeper into human thinking. Following my studies at MMC, I began my Master’s in Media Management at The New School and furthered my work experience in all types of industries (legal, music, non-profit). I remember interviewing for my current position at a tech company and the co-founder asked me about my Philosophy degree. Discussing my critical thinking skills and showcasing my curiosity for the human condition and its relationship to the digital world made me stand out from other candidates. The PHIL/RS department prepared me to look at all sides, develop effective strategy through argumentation, and engage with important issues.