Back to the Classroom


MMC Back to the Classroom Series

Come back to the classroom and share in the virtual learning experience with some of our incredible MMC faculty and students. Mark your calendar for: 

Modern Dance with Prof. Lushington

Wednesday, March 24, 10-11:21 a.m.

Modern 189 is the first-year introduction to the classical modern dance techniques of May O’Donnell and Alwin Nikolais. Dancers are introduced to the principles of these two techniques that continue to be employed in today’s contemporary techniques. The class you will be observing focuses on the work of May O’Donnell, a soloist with Martha Graham and a close collaborator of Jose Limon, O’Donnell’s technique incorporates aspects of both movement philosophies. The use of contraction, release, fall. recovery and momentum to propel movement.

Professional Writing with Prof. Epelbaum

Friday, March 26, 11:30 a.m.-2:20 p.m.

This course treats questions of genre, audience, purpose, language, and tone, and emphasizes the importance of rhetorical situations. Across disciplines, students learn that principles of successful workplace communication are informed by creative critical thinking and transferrable inquiries, rather than by formulas. What principles do public writing, writing for nonprofits, and writing for digital media share or not share, for example? Professional Writing Across Disciplines is in service of MMC’s goal to “graduate creative changemakers: students who develop collaborative, entrepreneurial, and problem-solving skills to bridge theory and practice and effect positive change.”

Small-Group Communications with Prof. Liberman

Thursday, April 8, 2:30-5:20 p.m.

Being part of small groups is a fundamental aspect of human, social existence. We are all part of groups, whether they be social, academic, professional, service, volunteer, or a combination thereof, and whether they be contrived or emergent. The common idea that three minds are better than one has become commonplace in our society. However, and likely we have all found this out through the years, some groups work better than others. We are going to study small groups through a communication lens, attempting to determine how and why communication is the variable that oftentimes is the difference between a successful and an ineffective small group.