Why Study Entrepreneurship?

    You’ve got a great idea for a business and you want to start today. You don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, you want to build your own. Learn the practical aspects you need to innovate, grow and make sure your venture succeeds. 

    Why Study Entrepreneurship at MMC?

    From your first semester until graduation, you will be pushed to go beyond the classroom and into the dynamic entrepreneurial environment of New York City. We provide the theoretical foundation and critical skills you need to create and present your own original business plan. Collaborate with real venture capitalists and angel investors to better understand the market.

    This is your chance to become a socially responsible founder with a global approach. Class discussions center on marketing and finance as well as on issues regarding the human aspect of running a business. Immerse yourself in New York’s entrepreneurial spirit through internships, networking events, and professional organizations. Experience the interconnected world of business through faculty-led travel courses and study abroad programs.

    What You Will Learn

    Learn to create and present your own business plans so you’re a seasoned professional by the time you graduate. Through this hands-on approach, you’ll gain practical experience in analyzing existing and emerging markets, securing investors, and implementing a growth strategy.

    In addition to a strong business management core that teaches you foundational principles and skills across business disciplines, you will take the following required courses for the major:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Digital Marketing

    As an Entrepreneurship BS student, you’ll graduate with: cultural awareness, critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary capabilities, problem-solving creativity, and a growth mindset. 

    Program Highlights

    Nicole Napolitano interns at the Village Voice

    Learn from go-getters and creative thinkers while gaining real-life experience. Our Entrepreneurship majors have interned at start-ups and innovative businesses like 25 Park Instagram Project, Pop Up Yoga NYC, Harper’s Bazaar, Sony Music Entertainment, IBM, New York Magazine, Christie’s and The Gallery 13.

    Connect with alumni for guidance, advice, and mentorship. Meet MMC grads who have made a name for themselves in the world of start-ups, finance, banking, insurance, management and more.

    NYC Seminar

    Bring your classroom experience to life and find friends who share your interests in our many business-related student organizations, including:

    • Fashion Marketing Student Association (FMSA)
    • Marymount Business Association (MBA)
    • Spoon University
    • MMC Investment Club



    • Leana Jannetty 

      Marymount’s diverse environment allowed me to integrate my dance background with my interest in the business world.

      Leana Jannetty ’18

      Class of 2018, Finance and Entrepreneurship double-major

      Triple Minor: Dance, Economics, Accounting 

      Meet Leana

      What did I enjoy most at Marymount? First and foremost would be the faculty of the Business Division. Each member of this team brings forth an unprecedented knowledge base in an array of subject matter. But what separates them from simply being intellects is their pride and love for teaching.

      Jacob Webber ’12

      Class of 2012, B.S. in Entrepreneurship

      Meet Jacob
    • Patrick Reynolds 

      What I learned in the classroom, coupled with my extracurricular leadership experiences have given me skills that I can apply to the workplace and my life. From learning how to calculate interest payments on a loan in Financial Management to managing a budget as the Treasurer of Student Government Association, Marymount has fostered my skills for a successful life and career.

      Patrick Reynolds’ 20

      Class of 2020, Double major:Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Minor in Theatre

      Meet Patrick
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    Careers and Outcomes

    Our Entrepreneurship major gives you the practical know-how and strategic approach you need to forge your own path. Our alumni have the skills to start a promising career in an established venture. Many have also decided use their knowledge to found their own start-ups, including:


    • Baked by Dan, Philadelphia (Founder: Daniel Langan
    • The Money Whisperer, Brooklyn, NY, (Founder: Olga Kirshenbaum)
    • Yuve, Inc., NYC (Founder: Samuel Basilio)
    • The Radically Good (Founder: Lauren Zahringer)
    • Ramona’s Model and Talent, LLP (Founder: Michelle Kilic)
    • The Web Studio (Founder: Ante Kolanovic)

    Venture Out

    As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in long-term study abroad programs or in faculty-led travel courses that complement your interests, expand your understanding of other cultures, and open your eyes to your possibilities.

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