Why Study Business?

    When you study business, you’ll look far beyond numbers and spreadsheets. You’ll understand how we keep our favorite organizations and industries thriving. Learn what makes a business prosper—for the people who power it, and for the greater good.

    Why Study Business at MMC?

    We designed our Business program especially for students who want to combine other interests—art, design, performance, fashion, or social good—with entrepreneurial skills and savvy. Our six unique concentrations make the program highly customizable. You’ll prepare for a range of careers, from theatre and nonprofit administration to marketing management and human resources. You might even start your own business. 

    What You Will Learn

    You’ll learn foundational principles and skills across business disciplines, including:

    1. Accounting
    2. Marketing
    3. Organizational Behavior
    4. Strategic Management
    5. Information Technology

    As a Business student, you’ll graduate with: critical thinking skills, problem-solving creativity, cultural awareness, and a growth mindset.

    You’ll explore topics of interest in-depth in your chosen concentration:

    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Economics
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Leadership
    • Media and Arts Management
    • Social Entrepreneurship


    Business Division

    Advertising and Promotion

    In this concentration, you’ll learn how to create messages to reach different types of customers. Study methods like advertising, personal selling, and digital marketing. You’ll gain the latest industry knowledge as you complete Google AdWords and Hubspot Inbound Marketing certifications.


    Learn how businesses and countries make decisions in our globally-focused Economics concentration. Understand how those decisions affect consumers and citizens. Study the economies of Latin America, Europe, the Americas, or Asia, or focus more broadly on comparative economics.

    Fashion Marketing

    This business-focused concentration will prepare you to understand the complexities of the fashion industry. Learn how to develop, market, and distribute fashion products to the right consumer, and how to establish a socially responsible and sustainable business. Your experience will be enriched by guest speakers, field visits to companies, and events.


    For many, studying leadership is about learning what it takes to be an effective manager. You’ll learn that in our Leadership concentration, and you’ll also explore the responsibilities corporations and managers have —to their employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

    Media and Arts Management

    Take in performances, meet with company directors, and complete challenging internships at organizations ranging from the small and experimental to iconic Broadway theatres. In class, you’ll build a strong business foundation, and outside of the classroom,you’ll learn through experience what it takes to keep the arts alive.

    Social Entrepreneurship

    This hands-on program will teach you to use the technological, creative, and financial resources at your disposal to start your own social enterprise. With the guidance of professors and local investors, you’ll create and develop a business plan that you can turn into a viable career while helping local communities.

    Careers and Outcomes

    Our Business major program gives you real-world experience in the industries that power NYC—arts, media, nonprofits, fashion, finance, and more. So you’ll be ready to hit the ground running after you graduate. Below are just a few of the roles and places alumni of this program have landed.

    Job Titles

    • Account Manager
    • Diversity Consultant
    • Financial Analyst
    • Marketing Manager
    • Engineer, Informational Technology and Services
    • Director of Sales & Operations
    • Business Development Manager


    • Bank of America
    • Google
    • Giorgio Armani
    • JPMorgan Chase
    • NBCUniversal
    • Sony Music Entertainment
    • Viacom

    Bring It to the Runway

    The business department and the Fashion Marketing Student Association host an annual fashion show. A recent show was produced alongside the Asian Students Association and it celebrated and honored the wide range of cultures in our campus community.


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