Why Study Advertising and Promotion?

    You see ads everywhere: on your way to school, at the store, in magazines, on your device. Advertising is a big industry, and you want to be part of it. You want to understand what attracts people to certain brands. You want to know why consumers buy particular products. You want to gain the skills that will allow you to work in the ever-evolving world of marketing and advertising. With MMC’s Advertising and Promotion curriculum, you’ll build a strong foundation in business and make your own brand shine.

    Why Study Advertising and Promotion at MMC?

    Madison Avenue. Times Square. The history of advertising is right here in NYC. And you’ll be studying the future of the industry at MMC, amid all the world’s leading advertising agencies and marketing firms. Acquire the practical skills and specialized knowledge that will get you in the door. Certifications for Google AdWords and Hubspot Inbound Marketing? You’ll get them. Alumni who are major players in the industry? You’ll meet them. Internships with world-class companies and prominent media outlets? You’ll pursue them. When you graduate, you’ll be equipped to promote the best brand—you—for a career in such industries as advertising, public relations, and digital marketing.

    What You Will Learn

    • You’ll learn foundational principles and professional skills across business disciplines in courses including: Marketing. Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Accounting, and Information Technology.
    • You’ll explore the intersection of business and communication in the following courses: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Society, Business and the Visual Arts, and International Marketing.
    • You’ll graduate with: critical thinking skills, problem-solving creativity, cultural awareness, and the ability to communicate and think across disciplinary boundaries.


    Program Highlights

    Gain hands-on experience at some of the best-known brands and biggest companies. Our students have interned at Dolce & Gabbana, Madison Square Garden, Macy’s, Christie’s Auction House, and many more renowned institutions in NYC and abroad.

    Global Fashion Business: London and Paris (Faculty-Led Travel Course)

    Business is international. So why shouldn’t your education be? Learn firsthand how a global supply chain can affect another part of the globe. Faculty-led travel courses are short-term study abroad opportunities. Students in our Global Fashion Business course have visited London and Paris, two of the world’s fashion capitals.

    NYC Seminar  - Section 5 - The City that Never Sleeps - greets the Bull. October 2016

    Bring your classroom experience to life and find friends who share your interests in our many business-related student organizations, including:

    • Fashion Marketing Student Association (FMSA)
    • Marymount Business Association (MBA)
    • Spoon University
    • MMC Investment Club
    • Natalie Sorkin 

      I have been given a lot more responsibilities. For example, I had to go to a concert production company warehouse and safely transport a keyboard to a radio studio for one of our artist’s sessions. I was also given confidential music to listen to and transcribe the lyrics.

      Natalie Sorkin ’20

      Class of 2020, B.A. in Business with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion

      Meet Natalie
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    Careers and Outcomes

    Our Business major program gives you real-world experience in the industries that power NYC—arts, media, nonprofits, fashion, finance, and more. So you’ll be ready to hit the ground running after you graduate. Below are just a few of the roles and places alumni of this program have landed.

    Job Titles and Programs

    • Marketing Manager
    • Account Executive
    • Marketing Associate
    • Senior Manager, Social Media
    • Advertising Operations Manager
    • Associate Producer, Branded Content
    • Associate Director, Marketing and Branding
    • M.S. in Real Estate Development at Columbia University in the City of New York


    • New York Magazine
    • New York Times
    • Black Flower Agency
    • Biz Bash
    • Hearst Magazines
    • Adweek
    • Pickett’s Press
    • Madison Logic

    Bring It to the Runway

    The business department and the Fashion Marketing Student Association host an annual fashion show. A recent show was produced alongside the Asian Students Association and it celebrated and honored the wide range of cultures in our campus community.

    Learn more about the annual fashion show

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