Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars allow residential and commuter students, faculty, and staff to purchase food and beverages at both on and off-campus locations via a declining balance attached to their Mobile OneCard and MMC ID. Dining Dollars can also be used in the Griffin Gear School Store!

Benefits of using Dining Dollars:

Convenience: As an MMC student, you will always have your Mobile OneCard and MMC ID with you for building access and library usage, so there is no need to worry about carrying cash or a credit card.  You can also track your spending or check your current balance in the OneWeb page. 

Save Money:  Purchase most food and beverages with no added sales tax!

Easy to Add: Running low on Dining Dollars?  It’s easy to add (or have your parents add!) Dining Dollars to your account.  To add additional Dining Dollars to your account, please visit the Center for Student Services (lower level of Nugent).

Carry-over: Any funds not used by the end of the academic year will be carried over until you graduate or withdraw. 

Helps with Budgeting:  The tiered options are offered so that families can better budget for the student’s planned Dining Dollars usage.  The amount initially selected will be added to the student’s billing statement so that it can be included in any e-cashier monthly payment plan budget. 

Residential students can choose from three Dining Dollar amounts for each semester:
  • $1350    approximately 12 meals per week + snacks (minimum required for residents)
  • $1850    approximately 16 meals per week + snacks
  • $2350   approximately 20 meals per week + snacks


Dining Dollars Locations

In addition to the on-campus dining centers, MMC works with several off-campus vendors who agree to accept MMC Dining Dollars; however the College reserves the right to change vendors without notice.  

  • 4th Floor Cafe: Closed Spring 2021
  • Starbucks: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday - Friday
  • C-Store (55th Street Residence Hall): 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm; Sunday - Thursday (hours may be adjusted during holiday weekends)
  • Griffin Gear Kiosk

Off-Campus Vendors

Residential Students

All residential students are required to participate in the Dining Dollars program with a minimum charge of $1350 for the fall semester and a $1350 charge for the spring semester.  When applying for housing, residents select the desired amount of Dining Dollars.  Residents who do not make a selection will automatically be enrolled in the minimum required amount of $1350 per semester.  The Dining Dollars amount the student selects for the fall semester will automatically be charged to the resident’s account for the spring semester.  Should the resident wish to change their spring semester Dining Dollars amount, the student must notify the Office of Residence Life via their MMC email account by February 1.  There is no minimum required for commuter students, but the College does encourage all students to maintain a Dining Dollars account because of the benefits (see above).

Dining Dollars Program 

The College will carry-over any remaining Dining Dollars in a student’s account at the end of the fall semester and add it to the required Spring Semester Dining Dollars amount, and at the end of the Spring Semester, any unused Dining Dollars on the card will remain available for future use.  Students who remain in housing will continue to be charged the required minimum of Dining Dollars each semester unless the student opts for more Dining Dollars.  For all students, balances will continue to carry-over from semester to semester until the student graduates or withdraws from the College at which time any remaining Dining Dollars funds will be forfeited. 

The College works with several off-campus vendors who agree to accept MMC Dining Dollars; however, the College reserves the right to change vendors without notice.  Dining Dollars cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. Fall and Spring Dining Dollars will be available on the published check-in date for the residence halls.  Should a residential student with a medical condition wish to apply for a reduction or exception, they must contact the Office of Disability Services no later than October 1 for the fall semester or no later than March 1 for the spring semester.

Dining Dollars are non-transferable, and students using a  Mobile OneCard or MMC ID that is not theirs will be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  Students are responsible for all charges to their account, and are encouraged to frequently check their usage and balance.  If a student believes their card and/or ID number have been used fraudulently, they should contact the Center for Student Services for a list of charges to review.  The report can only be investigated up to 4 weeks after the initial fraudulent charge.  MMC will investigate to the best of our ability, but cannot guarantee restitution.