Welcome Week

New York City is our campus

As Marymount Manhattan’s President Kerry Walk often says, New York City is our campus. That’s why we’re inviting all new students a week before classes begin—so you can explore and familiarize yourself with campus and the city for a whole week, uninterrupted.

This year, Welcome Week will be Monday, August 23 - Sunday, August 29, with classes beginning the following day. Throughout the week, a variety of programs will provide you ample opportunities for you to begin to find your community here on campus. Some of these programs are more educational—like our CityEdge information session or our Health and Safety at MMC session, while some are more social—like our off-campus excursions to the Bronx Zoo or Times Square. No matter which ones you attend, you’ll be sure to meet other students who share the same passions and similar interests as you!

Welcome Week is also a time for you to get to meet your Peer Leader and ask them any burning questions you may have—academic, social, you name it! Our team of Peer Leaders are students who are dedicated to making your transition to Marymount the easiest and most enjoyable experience it can be. Learn more about our Peer Leaders here.

Check out some of our signature Welcome Week events that you won’t want to miss:
Griffy’s Get Togethers
Each Get Together provides students an opportunity to gather with other new students who share a similar interest in these themed hangouts.

Meet and hang out with other Marvel fans, students interested in sustainability, and more!
Lost on the Subway
If you’re new to the city, taking the subway for the first time is likely a daunting experience.

Join some of our Peer Leaders for an underground adventure as they teach you the best tricks and tools for how to expertly navigate the NYC subway system.
MMC Musical
Join members of the Musical Theater Association for a student-run musical, explaining away some of the fears common among new college students.

BONUS: Our on-campus theater is the largest stage north of Times Square.

New Student Convocation
Wrapping up Welcome Week is the biggest event of the week: New Student Convocation! As is tradition, New Student Convocation marks the start of your official journey as a Marymount Griffin! This ceremony is a formalized welcome, featuring speakers ranging from the president of the Student Government Association of MMC President Kerry Walk herself! Believe it or not, this will also be the last time your class will all be together until graduation, so you really don’t want to miss this momentous occasion!

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