Change of Status

A non-immigrant in the United States can change their status to F-1 due to a change in their purpose of being in the U.S.  If the individual’s main purpose of being in the U.S. is now to study, they may qualify for a change of status. 

This process is done while the individual is in the United States and will change their current non-immigrant status to F-1 Student.

Marymount Manhattan College will issue a Change of Status I-20 as long as the individual meets the admission and financial requirements of the school.  The change of status application is done through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Please contact the International Student Services Office for more information regarding the change of status process and application.

Important to Remember

  • If you currently have B-1, B-2, F-2, or M-2 status, you cannot begin studying before your application for a change of status has been approved. 
  • Most other non-immigrants can begin studying while their application is pending with USCIS. 
  • If you entered the country as an M-1 non-immigrant, you are not allowed to change your status to F-1 in the United States.  You must depart the U.S. and obtain a visa in your home country.