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Optimizing Online Education

Teaching Virtually: Workshops & Resources

Resources for Remote Instruction   

Founded in 2011, MMC’s Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (C-TIE) is a physical and intellectual space where our faculty members can exchange ideas, seek advice and resources, stay up-to-date on the latest developments in pedagogy, and constantly grow as teachers and mentors.

A peer-led, supportive center, C-TIE enables faculty to participate in pedagogy workshops, partake in mentoring clusters, engage in theme-based dialogues, request confidential feedback on their teaching, access online resources via the College website, and seek guidance in obtaining funds for instructional improvement. The Center serves faculty new to college teaching, as well as those with many years in the classroom. Beyond mere remediation, the Center invites all faculty who are in search of new ideas, shared conversation, and a community of teachers as support. With the establishment of C-TIE, the College strengthens its commitment to teaching excellence.

Programs and Services Available Through C-TIE

Continuity of Instruction 

C-TIE Fellows will be available to help faculty revise their courses to be more in line with the move to remote instruction. Make an appointment with a C-TIE Fellow by emailing Sue Behrens at Zoom conferencing available.

Pedagogy Workshops/Seminars

Faculty members may attend in-house pedagogy workshops, seminars, or guest lectures on a range of teaching topics. Workshops will be led by both MMC faculty and experts outside of the College.

New Faculty Buddy System

New faculty members are paired with a buddy, an “older timer,” as a way for faculty to learn with, and from, their peers within and across disciplines.


Faculty members may seek confidential feedback from C-TIE consultants. Faculty have the option to meet informally with a consultant to discuss issues related to pedagogy and learning, or to request that a consultant observe their teaching. The observation consists of a pre-observation meeting for discussion of class and session goals, the class visit, and a post-observation meeting to discuss the observation and strategies for improvement. Consultants may also conduct a mid-term Small Group Analysis feedback session with students, upon faculty request.

All consultation will be confidential; C-TIE will confirm that faculty have used C-TIE services, if asked, but beyond that, there is complete confidentiality. Feedback provided by C-TIE is not meant to be part of decisions on promotion or tenure or renewal/non-renewal.

Small Group Midterm Assessment

C-TIE visits your class at the mid-point of the term and gathers feedback from students about various aspects of the course. Faculty debrief with C-TIE to learn what their students are thinking.

Teaching Innovation Award

This award is an opportunity for faculty to be recognized for their innovative teaching. 

Visit Me!

Faculty volunteer to open up their classrooms to visitors on an informal basis. C-TIE collects the information and distributes to the faculty.

Monthly Teaching Tips

 Articles of pedagogical interest are posted monthly on the C-TIE website.

Upcoming Workshops

Check out our upcoming pedagogy workshops and seminars, or contact us to join a mentoring cluster, arrange a consultation or classroom visit, or organize an open dialogue with your colleagues.