Thesis Calendar

Deadline dates in last two semesters for May graduates
Deadline dates in last two semesters for December graduates

Formal declaration of intent to write senior thesis (by e-mail to all Natural Science faculty)

October 15th

March 15th

Formal request of a faculty member to act as second reader (by e-mail)

October 15th

March 15th

Senior thesis proposal due to advisor and second reader

November 15th

April 15th

Committee approval of thesis proposal

November 30th

April 30th

Senior thesis due to research advisor

April 7th

November 7th

Revised senior thesis due to second reader

April 20th

November 20th

Second reader returns comments on thesis to student

April 27th

November 27th

Senior thesis defense, with three bound copies due (one for advisor, one for second reader, one for the Department of Natural Sciences)

May 7th (or earlier)

December 7th (or earlier)

A student who successfully completes and defends a thesis will have “Completion of Honors Thesis” noted on his/her College transcript.