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International Studies Minor

International Studies is a flexible and interdisciplinary minor where students learn about global dynamics through cultural, political and economic perspectives. Many students in other disciplines, from Theatre to Communications Arts, find International Studies to be fruitful compliment to provide a global context and analysis to their major focus of study.

International Studies Minor Curriculum

Asian Studies Minor

Home to more than half of the world population, Asia has a rich history and is increasingly playing a more important role in the contemporary world. With interdisciplinary and area studies approaches, the Asian Studies minor invites students to delve into the history, cultures, religions, arts, business, and economics of Asia. 

Students have the opportunity to design their own focus on a particular “path” of study, i.e., China, Japan, and South Asia. The curriculum leads students from two required introductory courses  (History/IS 232 and RS 120) to upper-level electives (9 of the remaining credits must be upper-level).

Internships and study abroad will also be recommended and rewarded with credits within the minor. 

Asian Studies Minor Curriculum

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Other Recommended Minors

International Studies students are strongly encouraged to pursue one or more minors, or to double major, in order to build useful skill sets and expand their knowledge base in related and interconnected fields. Popular fields of study that students pair with International Studies include: