Why Human Biology, Health, and Society?

    You’re living through a global pandemic and you want to be one of the problem solvers. COVID-19 is a biological emergency, a health crisis, and a social problem. In this major, you’ll approach global challenges by understanding how biology, health, and society intersect.

    Why Human Biology, Health, and Society at MMC?

    As a bustling metropolis and a major hub for biological research, New York City is its own laboratory. Receive the individualized attention you need in class and apply your knowledge in real-world settings that the city offers.

    You’ll receive a strong scientific foundation while also exploring areas of interest in the liberal arts. Choose one of four career-focused concentrations to develop specific expertise. Execute a capstone project that explores your most pressing questions and interests.

    Gain valuable experience by joining an on-campus research group. Intern at NYC’s most renowned biomedical facilities, government agencies, and museums. Volunteer with civic-minded, socially committed organizations.

    Graduate ready for careers in emerging and in-demand fields like epidemiology, biotechnology, physical therapy, and environmental health.

    What You Will Learn as a Human Biology, Health, and Society Major

    We know that treating the symptom, not the cause, can only get us so far when it comes to human health. This major aims to get us closer to the root of the issues by using an interdisciplinary approach to biology. How can technology help us reach our goals? How can we best create impactful public health initiatives? What’s the relationship between our environment and our bodies, both at an individual and a social scale? These are some of the questions you’ll navigate.

    • You’ll build your knowledge on a strong scientific base. You’ll understand the physiological, biochemical, and social aspects that shape human health.
    • You’ll develop the research and communication skills necessary to start your career immediately after graduation.


    Department of Natural Sciences
    Carson Hall, 6th Floor
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    Biology students use microscope in lab


    In this concentration, you’ll prepare for careers in biomedical science labs through experiential coursework. Learn research methods, gain an understanding of genetics and cellular biology, and grapple with some of the most pertinent bioethics issues of today. 

    Environmental Health 

    Learn how our environment shapes our health. Explore the dynamic and complex relationship between ecology, nutrition, and people. Conservation organizations, urban farms, and sustainability projects will put your science-centered training to use.

    Public Health

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become critical to approach health crises with more than just data. Here, you’ll gain scientific training while also learning to incorporate psychology, social science, philosophy, and public policy aspects into your problem-solving approach. 

    Movement Science

    This hands-on program will provide you with science-focused movement training necessary for careers in physical therapy, exercise science, and somatic work. Beyond classroom work, you’ll complete cutting-edge internships with noted practitioners, medical institutions, dance companies, and non-profit organizations.

    Careers and Outcomes

    As a Human Biology, Health, and Society major, you’ll graduate with a holistic, interdisciplinary understanding of the human body. You’ll be well-suited for a career in biomedical sciences, public health, government agencies, and more. You’ll also be prepared to enter graduate and professional programs in a variety of health fields, including physical therapy, epidemiology, and biotechnology. Here’s a sample of what our alumni are doing today.


    • Columbia University Irving Medical Center
    • Weill Cornell Medicine
    • Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Houston Methodist Research Institute
    • Rockefeller University
    • Rush University Medical Center
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    Graduate Schools

    • New York University Graduate School of Public Health
    • Indiana University School of Medicine
    • Midwestern University’s College of Health Sciences
    • University of Connecticut School of Medicine
    • Hunter College Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
    • University College of London
    • CUNY School of Law
    • King’s College London
    • Touro College of Pharmacy

    Take a Tour of the Natural Sciences Department

    Current students Elizabeth Scott ’21 and Jade Johnsamson ’22 take you on a virtual tour of the labs and classrooms that make up the Natural Sciences Department. See why our facilities and small class sizes give you the kind of practical lab experience you want.

    Take a tour of the Natural Sciences Department


    Shade Eleazer '22, Wehman Scholarship Awardee

    Kathleen DeBlasio Science Outreach Scholarship

    The Kathleen DeBlasio Science Outreach Scholarship is awarded to Biology or Human Biology, Health, and Society majors who make outstanding contributions to the scientific and educational goals of the Natural Sciences Department.

    The Wehman Scholarship

    The Wehman Scholarship is a gift to Marymount Manhattan College in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Jacqueline (Byrne) Wehman, for high-performing biology students. The late Mrs. Wehman was a Marymount Manhattan College alumna, class of 1950.

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