Why Asian Studies?

    Asia is home to over half the world’s population and three of the top five largest economies. Asian culture—both ancient and contemporary—has become influential across the globe. The Asian Studies minor invites you to explore the depth and breadth of Asia’s rich history, religion, languages, and culture to gain a better understanding of this globally important region.

    Why Asian Studies at MMC?

    Combining crossdisciplinary approaches with our unique location in New York City, which is home to the country’s largest population of Asian Americans, the minor allows you to encounter Asian cultures first-hand, in the city’s world-class museums and thriving communities and neighborhoods. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Asian cultures in a program that melds interdisciplinary studies, history, international studies, philosophy, religious studies, and theatre, with additional support from art history and English and world literatures. You have the option to design your own path of study, whether that is focusing on a particular country or theme (history and politics, culture and religions, language and literature, art and theatrical performances, etc). Opportunities for internships, study abroad, and language study are ample and rewarded with credits within the minor. 

    What You Will Learn

    • You will identify and discuss significant texts, figures, events, and trends (cultural, historical, religious, philosophical, and economic) from a broad range of Asian contexts.
    • You will articulate ways in which relationships between Asian civilizations, communities, and nations have shaped and continue to shape the region.
    • You will understand the influence of Asian cultures and nations internationally.
    • You will identify and utilize a variety of resources on Asian history and culture in New York City.


    Program Highlights

    You can intern with nonprofit organizations in New York City, such as the American Red Cross, Asia Society, Center for Migration Studies, China Institute, Oxford University Press, the United Nations, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Students have also interned in city, state, and federal government.
    Adam Warwinsky by the Taj Mahal in India.
    Immerse yourself in what you’re studying. Our students have studied in China, Indian, Japan, and Korea. While abroad, you can intern with local NGOs or international businesses.
    Annabelle Royer, '13, Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Taiwan for AY 2013-14, shown with her b...
    You’ll be well-positioned to apply for prestigious scholarships and fellowships. Our students have obtained a host of them, including the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program, the Jeanette K. Watson Fellowship, and the Eisner Scholarship to Shanghai.



    • Seoul, S. Korea 

      My semester abroad at Seoul, South Korea is one of the most exciting, treasured experiences of my life. I had the opportunity to visit ancient Korean temples, explore a nearly deserted island, learn a new language, and gain a broader understanding of the world and the diverse people living in it.

      Kathryn Grubb ’19

      Class of 2019, Marketing major, Asian Studies minor

      Meet Kathryn
    • Christie's Logo 

      Graduating with a double major in Business Economics and International Studies, and a minor in Asian Studies, my course work in Mandarin language and Chinese literature, business and history at Marymount has proved extremely relevant to the work I did at Christie’s, helping me to accomplish tasks such as the provenance research for ancient Chinese art.

      James Matson ’14

      Class of 2014, Business major with a concentration in Economics, International Studies major, Asian Studies minor

      Meet James
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    Careers and Outcomes

    With the Asian Studies minor, you can work in a wide array of job fields, such as education/academia, international companies and organizations, English language teaching abroad, nonprofit organizations, U.S. foreign services, museums, and law firms. Our graduates have pursued advanced degrees at Georgetown University, New York University, Pepperdine University, Villanova University, and the University of Oxford. Recent graduates have worked as assistant curator for exhibitions at The Farmers’ Museum & Fenimore Art Museum, executive assistant at GrowNYC, special investigator at CACI International Inc., and project manager at ManTech International Corporation.

    job titles

    • Technology Consultant
    • Research Fellow
    • Administrative Coordinator/Office Manager
    • Curator
    • Background Investigator
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Nonprofit Program Manager


    • Bank of America
    • Habitat for Humanity

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