Why Study Dance, Community, and Social Justice?

    Do you see yourself as an artist and activist? Are you interested in dance as a practice that builds community and engages in political action and social justice movements? The Dance Community and Social Justice concentration provides you with the tools for an interdisciplinary investigation into dance and choreography as social, historical, cultural, economic, political, and artistic practices.

    Why Study Dance, Community, and Social Justice at MMC? 

    Use movement as the medium for change. Design your own program based on your interests and in relation to your enrollment in other majors and minors at MMC. Your customized study empowers you to develop a critical understanding and engaged practices of dance, embodiment, and choreography as driving forces for the betterment of society. The Dance Community and Social Justice concentration will provide you with a critical understanding of theoretical and embodied approaches in critical race theory, environmental studies, gender and queer studies, politics and human rights, philosophy, performance studies, and communication arts.  

     What You Will Learn 

    • You will examine and discuss the relationship between dance and political, social, and cultural developments in a variety of national and international contexts.
    • You will draw correlations between dance and other structures in society in order to critically engage the impact of historical developments on dance and ways they are reflected in the art form.
    • You will explore and develop approaches to community dance projects, actively engaging with social justice initiatives to instigate change in diverse contexts. 


    Program Highlights



    Careers and Outcomes

    Social Movements Class Organizes Protest

    In their Movement for Social Change course students examined negotiations, throughout history and today, between social structures and the human body, which contest and define opportunity, community, and power. One assignment for the class required students to devise and carry out a plan for social action on an issue during the semester.

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