Why Study Choreography?

    You love dance and you don’t just want to perform it, you want to create it. Develop contemporary dance-making strategies through rigorous artistic investigation. The choreography concentration allows you to explore and shape your identity as a choreographer, director, and performer. You will expand your artistic skillset and develop as a valuable artistic leader within the dance field, making meaningful connections between your art practice and broader global perspectives.

    Why Study Choreography at MMC?

    You will engage in a creative laboratory environment that supports research to find the practices, issues, and processes that most interest you. You will investigate choreographic identity and question the shifting roles of what a choreographer is. New York City is a hub of dance experimentation, and MMC’s enviable location in Manhattan and the expertise of our faculty will uniquely prepare you with the tools and resources you need for dance-making versatility. We foster a diversity of choreographic approaches and lectures on a wide array of aesthetic interests and artistic philosophies. When you graduate, you’ll be a step ahead in your dance career goals.

    What You Will Learn

    • You will expand your choreographic approaches by learning and critically examining a broad scope of composition, improvisation, and directing styles.
    • You will identify how you as a choreographer can locate yourself within the form’s context and discover social and political dimensions within historical and contemporary choreographies.
    • You will broaden your scope of practice pertaining to performance production, collaboration, site-responsivity, and solo and ensemble form.


    Program Highlights



    Careers and Outcomes

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