Why Minor in Digital Journalism?

    Enhance your major with journalistic expertise! Establish a solid foundation in journalism practices while broadening your horizons this evolving, multi-media industry. Learn how to gather information and develop the necessary writing, reporting, and editing skills for traditional and digital media. Our journalism program will prepare you for whatever the future of journalism may hold.

    Why Study Digital Journalism at MMC?

    Work with professors who work directly in the field! Start your day in an investigative reporting and end at a journalism internship in places like the Rachel Maddow Show or NY1. With decades of journalism experience, our faculty have worked in various publications and fields from Forbes to the New York Times, and are regularly interviewed on programs such as NPR and print media outlets. Whether it’s an excursion to the Vice, ProPublica, or Associated Press headquarters or a class visit by Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman, immersing students in the digital journalism industry is central to our program!

    What You Will Learn

    • Make dynamic, relevant content by learning research, writing, and reporting skills. Courses such as Journalism in the 21st Century, On Air Reporting, and Digital Cultures will gives you the tools to be a versatile and multi-skilled gatherer and creators.
    • Create the change you’d like to see in the world by learning to be an ethical and responsible newsmaker. Courses such as Cultural History of Media and Media Law & Ethics allow you to develop an informed code of principled journalism.
    • Combine your passion for journalism with your major, surveying a wide variety of topics and media outlets. Courses such as Arts & Media Reporting, Media & Politics, Fashion Media & Culture, and Communication Campaigns allow you to explore and focus on your specific journalistic interests.

    Careers and Outcomes

    New York City offers a virtually endless array of opportunities to get your work out there!


    • Staff Writer
    • Post-Production Coordinator
    • Photo Editor
    • Reporter
    • Design Coordinator
    • Creator
    • Graduate Student


    • Buzzfeed
    • Bloomberg
    • ProPublica
    • The Huffington Post
    • NY1 News
    • CNN
    • MSNBC

    Production Meets Exploration at MMC

    In addition to being located in the heart of NYC—the communication capital of the world—MMC is also home to state-of-the-art facilities open for daily use for our Communication and Media Arts students.

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