Why Study Management?

    As a management student, you’ll study philosophy, art, sociology, languages, and literature –all while honing your business acumen. Whether you want to attend a top-tier MBA program, enter the corporate world, or help a local business expand its market, studying management will give you the skills to work your way into the executive office.

    Why Study Management at MMC?

    Through our well-rounded approach, you’ll develop the diverse skills needed to thrive in a variety of business contexts. In foundational courses, you’ll gain an understanding of management, economics, and accounting. In more advanced courses such as Organizational Behavior and International Business, you’ll learn to navigate the modern and increasingly global business environment. Living inNew YorkCitygives you the opportunity to use the city as your classroom. Through our unique,place-based learning approach, you’ll see business concepts in action when you visit neighborhoods and businesses throughout NYC. In addition, you’ll be able to pursue NYC-based internships that will deepen your understanding of management concepts–and prepare you for an exciting career.

    What You Will Learn

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the management discipline –and the ability to communicate and think across disciplinary boundaries
    • Develop cultural awareness, an ability to understand the perspectives of others, and an informed commitment to social, political, and ethical responsibility.
    • Demonstrate critical thinking, quantitative, communication, and analytical skills that support lifelong learning
    • Demonstrate creativity as a maker, collaborator, and problem-solver capable of enacting meaningful change•Acquire the experience, skills, knowledge, confidence, and growth mindset necessary to achieve professional goals

    In addition to a strong business management core that teaches you foundational principles and skills across business disciplines, you will take the following required courses for the major:

    • Leadership
    • Business Law II
    • International Business


    Department of Business
    Carson Hall 517

    Division Chair
    Dr. Vandana Rao
    (212) 517-0635


    Program Highlights

    Learn from go-getters and creative thinkers while gaining real-life experience. Business majors have interned at companies including Victoria Beckham, New York Life, Jack Daniels, Harper’s Bazaar, Sony Music Entertainment, IBM, New York Magazine, Elizabeth and James, Christie’s, and Ericsson.

    The panel

    Connect with alumni for guidance, advice, and mentorship. Meet MMC grads who have made a name for themselves in the world of start-ups, finance, marketing, media, fashion, and more.

    NYC Seminar

    Find friends and maybe even your future co-founders in our many business-related student organizations, including:

    • Fashion Marketing Student Association (FMSA)
    • Marymount Business Association (MBA)
    • Spoon University
    • MMC Investment Club

      In summer (2013), I interned with the Ericsson Group, as a team member in the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility department of the Verizon Customer Unit at Ericsson. Ericsson is a business-to-business multi-international corporation in the telecommunication sector, poised to be the prime driver in an all-communicating world.

      Elizabeth Tuvblad ’14

      Class of 2014, Major in Business Management

      Meet Elizabeth
    • Natasha Solo-Lyons 

      Professors know your name and are easy to talk to, and the school’s prime location allows you to become part of a much larger community when looking for jobs and internships. Being on the Upper East Side is totally invaluable and made this college experience unlike any other.

      Natasha Solo-Lyons ’19

      Class of 2019, Double Major: B.S. Marketing and B.S. Management

      Minor: Creative Writing 

      Meet Natasha

      Going to Marymount allowed me to forge deeper connections with my peers and professors. I still keep in touch with many of them today, and we update each other on new jobs and any other potential career opportunities that might be useful.

      Lauren Roland ’16

      Class of 2016, B.S. in Management and Finance

      Meet Lauren

      One month after graduation, I was offered a position as a Tax Reclaim Specialist at GlobeTaxServices, right here in Manhattan on Broad Street! My business classes at MMC, as well as my interaction with my classmates and professors, laid the foundation for me to acquire this wonderful opportunity, and to function every day confidently and productively.

      Elizabeth McElligott ’13

      Class of 2013, Major in Business Management and Dance

      Meet Elizabeth
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    Careers and Outcomes

    job titles

    • Human Resources Manager
    • Recruitment Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Funding Manager
    • Wealth Planner
    • Senior Client Services Specialist
    • Junior Wealth Reporter
    • Billing Analyst


    • Facebook
    • MJB Asset Management LLC
    • North American Management Corporation
    • Business Insider
    • Private Brands–C&S Wholesale Grocers
    • Pipeline Medical
    • Kustomer

    Venture Out

    As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in long-term study abroad programs or in faculty-led travel courses that complement your interests, expand your understanding of other cultures, and open your eyes to your possibilities.

    Learn more about our study abroad programs

    MMC Management majors have been admitted to prestigious graduate programs, including:

    • MSc in Environment, Science and Society, University College, London
    • MS in Marketing, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, Indiana
    • Masters Program in Computer Science, New York University, NYC
    • Masters Program in Urban Policy and Planning, Hunter College, NYC
    • JD, Syracuse University School of Law, NY

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