Liberal Studies Program

Throughout their first year of classes, Liberal Studies students meet with their transfer academic advisor on a regular basis to discuss potential programs of study.                           

By completing the A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Social Sciences program at WCC, you will be prepared to eventually select from several areas of study.  However, students intending to major in any of the Marymount Manhattan College B.A. or B.S. Business programs, should not select the A.A. Liberal Arts and Sciences/Social Sciences program.                      

*See below for specific requirements that must be met while enrolled at Westchester Community College

Westchster Community College
A.A. Liberal Arts and Sciences/Social Sciences

*When satisfying the Math requirement, at least one math course should be College Algebra: Functions and Models or higher.

*When satisfying the humanities requirements, students should take Art, Dance, Music, Drama or Theatre (Theatre/Dance students take Music only, Art students take any except Art.)                                    

*When satisfying the 3 credit Behavioral Science requirement, students should select a course in Psychology 
*When satisfying the 6 credit requirement of English or Communications, students should take at least one english course.


*Take at least one foreign language course when satisfying the 6-10 credit elective requirement.


*Students majoring in Sociology at MMC, should not select Sociology courses when satisfying the social science requirement.

*Students majoring in Political Science at MMC, should not select Political Science courses when satisfying the social science requirement.
*Students majoring in History at MMC, should not select History courses when satisfying the social science requirement.

PSYCHOLOGY MAJORS                      

*Students majoring in Psychology at MMC should select Philosophy when satisfying the additional humanities elective requirement.