B.A. Communication Arts

The Communication Arts major is one of various program offerings within the Division of Humanities.  Students may select a concentration in Creative Media, or may focus on areas such as Public Relations, Film and TV Production, Advertising, Journalism and Digital Media.                                       

*See below for specific requirements that must be met while enrolled at Westchester Community College.

Westchster Community College
A.S. Digital Filmmaking
*When satisfying the 6 credit Math requirement, at least one math course should be College Algebra: Functions and Models or higher
*Students must select one Art, Dance, Drama or Music course when satisfying the 3 credit humanities requirement.
*When satisfying the 4 credit requirement of general electives, students should take an English or foreign language course.
*When satisfying the 3 credit requirement for behavioral science, students should select a course in Psychology.